My family and I sneaked away recently for a weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, a city that offers long walks along the coast, a quick snooze on the sand and strolls along State Street’s bustling shops and restaurants. As I walked along enjoying some retail therapy, I noticed colors in the shop windows that pop up every year around this time: aqua, turquoise, orange, white and navy blue.

They’re sure signs that summer is here. And they bring to mind yet more memories of time spent near the beach and of a relaxed, carefree time.

A beach house can be decorated so many ways, but some key textures and colors seem to unify this favorite aesthetic. For some, “beach house” may mean references to the ocean itself, with its blue color. For others, it represents a relaxed lifestyle, simple spaces and pared-down living. Get ready for summer with these beach-inspired spaces.

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Beach House 1: Spinnaker Development, original photo on Houzz


With its white walls, organic wood shapes, bleached floors and soft watery art, this space has it all. This beachy vibe comes from a muted palette that is not overdone or too thematic. This is the sophisticated side to beach-house living.


Beach House 2: Details a Design Firm, original photo on Houzz


This bathroom is a textural feast. With its sand-colored grass cloth, distressed white paint and oversize glass pendants, it has all the textures of the beach.


Beach House 3: Rethink Design Studio, original photo on Houzz


This is what I call California casual. White walls with beadboard on the ceiling, an open layout and wicker chairs all beckon for lazy days with flip-flops left at the door.


Beach House 4: Siemasko + Verbridge, original photo on Houzz


What a fun and functional space for teenagers. It’s a lucky bunch of kids who get to hang in this beachy guesthouse, which includes a kitchenette, a loft space and sofas for lounging. All colors are ocean blue, green and white. It’s a perfect pit stop for quick snacks between swims.

Blue and white is a classic beach color combination. I love the use of traditional white siding as an interior application. Texture plus blue and white details equals instant beach vibe.

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Beach House 5: Martin Bros Contracting Inc, original photo on Houzz


The outdoor shower at a beach house is used just as much as the indoor showers. Dealing with sandy feet, bathing suits and pets makes this a must-have functional amenity. Note the weathered color of the exterior shingles that complete this beach look.


Beach House 6: Philip Clayton-Thompson, original photo on Houzz


This looks like the swankiest lifeguard tower ever. A small nook is smartly used as a perching space for people-watching and catching a daily sunset.

White slipcovers are synonymous with beach interiors. Allowing for the occasional sandy smudge, slipcovers can be pulled off and thrown in the wash.

One great advantage to a beach aesthetic is that you don’t really need expensive window treatments. To optimize views, consider plain white windows with crisp molding and trim. Save the fussy treatments for the city.

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