We adore luxury, coastal properties that push the limits of indulgence. We take notes and apply the designs and tricks to our own homes. Over the years we’ve followed the best interior design trends and architectural secrets. Today we’ll share some of our favorites with you. If you love the luxury life, take the advice here and begin to transform your own home. Let’s take a look.

Soft furnishings

Every luxury interior designer will tell you that the devil is in the details. It’s the little things that add class and elegance to your home. When you get them all right, it makes a powerful impact. Let’s take the soft furnishings, for example. Adorn your property with rugs, curtains and cushions that scream luxury. Don’t go over the top, keep them simple, but classy. The real trick is sticking to the same color theme. Opt for rich, deep colors with your soft furnishings and keep them consistent.


Good lighting can transform any house into a luxury home. The expert interior designers use a layer lighting trick to achieve the perfect atmosphere. That means starting with a rich overhead light, accompanied by a number of smaller lamps. Candles are another fantastic way to add luxury to your home.

An extension

This is a dramatic change to your home, but could turn it into the luxury space you’ve always wanted. Extending a kitchen or living area is an amazing way to flood the home with light. Of course, you should never undertake a luxury extension with consulting a number of architects. They are best placed to create a perfect extension, whether it’s a pool house or a luxury basement conversion.


The furniture you fill the home with will have a huge impact on the ambience. When it comes to furniture, it’s really important to invest in good quality items. Again, choose rich colors that compliment your color scheme. We tend to opt for light colors for heavy items like sofas. You can then drape these with a darker tone from the palette like a deep, chocolate colored blanket.

Hardware finishes

Like we said, the devil is in the details. Luxury comes from the small touches. It gives your home a sense of refinement. We’re talking about door handles, bathroom taps and other small finishes. They’re all the little things you wouldn’t typically consider.


Finally, it is the floors that really define a property. Dark woods are the classic luxury option. There are few floor finishes as powerful as parquet flooring. It really is worth investing in good quality wooden floors. For the bedrooms, choose thick, fluffy carpets. When you get it right, it feels like you could melt into them!

Follow these steps and a luxury home is well within your reach. Remember, it’s the small things that matter. Tackle these first and the rest will come naturally.

Image Credits: Photo by Sherwood Real Estate.