When it comes to home design, the seasons play a big part in what looks good. It’s not just a case of having decor that’s smart and stylish. When it comes to making your home an appealing place to spend time in, there are other factors to take into account. If your home is still stuck looking a little too wintery – think warm and cozy decor and accessories, it’s time to change that.


The good news is that making your home more summer-friendly is much easier than you would think. It’s just a case of making a few small changes. In case you’re struggling when it comes to getting your home summer-ready, we thought we’d share a few tips and ideas.


Swap the Soft Furnishings

Summer is all about bright, beautiful tones and vibrant prints. If your home still have lots of cozy soft furnishings from winter – such as throw cushions, faux fur throws, and fluffy rugs, these need to go. You don’t need to get rid of them, just store them ready for when the colder weather comes back around.


Swap these for accessories that are more summery – go for designs that are lovely and light, and have that summery feel to them. As well as swapping out your cushions, throws, and rugs, you could even switch your curtains. The more refreshing, bright and beautiful your home looks, the better.


Add Summer Touches

Want to give your home a more summery vibe? The best thing to do is add a few small touches that help to create a refreshing space. An easy way to bring the outside indoors is by adding a couple of pot plants to the downstairs of your home. Adding freshly cut flowers can also work just as well.


Dot floral scented candles and reed diffusers around, thread strings of fairy lights up, and add pretty strings of bunting. It’s amazing how a few small touches can make such a difference to the look and feel of a space. You could even consider swapping your wall art for pieces that are more bright and bold. Remember, it’s all about creating a wonderfully refreshing vibe.


An important feature come summer is air conditioning, as the summer weather can get incredibly hot. If you want to ensure that your home is lovely and cool, air conditioning is a must. If you already have a system fitted, it’s worth getting it checked to ensure that it’s ready to use.


If you don’t already have an air conditioning system installed, now could be the perfect time to look into it. Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be expensive to install. There are lots of systems that are affordable, as well as ones that can be hired. If you don’t want to cover the high costs of having a system fully installed, why not hire one instead? You’ll still get the same benefit of a cool home; you just won’t have the system all year around.


Open Up Your Home to the Outside

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, make sure to take advantage of it. Don’t use as an extra space, transform it into somewhere that’s a great middle ground between being inside and outside. Decorate it, add cute furniture, dot a few indoor plants about.


Don’t already have a conservatory but would love one – then why not add one to your home? The great thing about conservatories is that they’re super easy to erect and can be fully functional within just a few days. Plus, they’re not that expensive to buy or have installed.


Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to start getting your home ready for the summer.