Making a landscape that is rustic in nature doesn’t require a lot of hard work, but it is an excellent and trendy thing to do with your garden at this moment in time. If your garden is in need of a shake up right now when it comes to a new style, this is the best approach to take so let’s have a look at how you can make effective changes that will not only improve the style of your home but also increase its value.


Identify Your Color Scheme

Every home has a specific theme such as a coastal home will have that bright and breezy style, and if you are going for a rustic approach to your back garden, use the common color schemes, browns and greens, very earthy colors. And if you are looking at focal points to pepper your garden with these specific styles, it’s always best to go for large objects that can carry off this style. Things like benches and wooden fences are a perfect choice to add to your garden with an earthy tone. Also, you can’t underestimate the next point for giving your garden a sense of vibrancy and color.


Look At Your Plants

It all depends on the time of year, but when you need to give your garden a makeover in terms of your choice of plants and flowers, there are some fantastically colorful options to go for. The Amethyst flower is a lovely blend of blues like sky blue and also comes in violet and white. The great thing about these plans is that they thrive in the shade as long as it’s warm. Other plant options include begonias, dead nettles, the fancy leafed Caladium which has a beautiful red and pink take to them, as well as your stable garden plants like the hydrangeas.


Going For The Country Look

Rustic doesn’t just mean peppering overgrown plants everywhere, you can make the most of the lumber fences on brick patio work. A nice addition to stylish lumber fences is to add post caps which gives the fencing a distinctive look and gives a bit of order to your fencing if you want your garden to be rustic but not overly so. If you look on a site like Atlanta Post Caps you can see the different styles you can apply to your fencing, which include the standard flat top and peaked styles as well as the round ball cap type. Fencing is great if you have a pet but don’t want to use a kennel which can be quite unsightly if you have made your garden just so.


Outside Dining

The key to a great garden space is the wealth of experiences you can have in the space. If you plan on dining in the garden, you’ve got plenty of options which can carry off that rustic outdoors style. You may you want to invoke the feelings of yesteryear while being contemporary, by investing in a lengthy dining table made of teak and aluminum. While these are what a lot of people use now, they are far more durable and can withstand a lot of bad weather. If you’re looking for a more relaxed outdoor dining experience, there are some fantastic armchairs and sofas would look great in an outdoor setting. Other options, if you’re going for a more classical approach, is to use chipped metal furniture and pepper your dining area with a selection of simple lighting which will work really well if you have your meal at dusk. And while it’s may sound a bit overstated for a garden you can use vintage crystal chandeliers which go very well with that chipped metal furniture style.


Twigs and Branches

Using plyable species like willow or birch you can weave into a lot of different styles and items, which helps to promote that rustic appeal. You could make wonderful gateways, winding twigs and branches around the material to give it the classic earthy look. This is an easy option if you want to add some rustic ideas to your garden. If you are looking to make a few buildings or outhouses in your garden, you could create a study either with cedar logs and use willow twigs to make a roof which is simple and very effective.


Cobble Together Some Stones

A great way to add some ambiance to your garden is to use bricks and cobblestones, especially if you have a pond or a shallow pool. By adding a few simple stones with varied styles and etching gives it that edge, contributing to your overall rustic mood. Vintage is in right now, so you could make a vintage brick garden path with some flagstones to give it a sense of rustic irregularity.


Greenhouses and Sheds

Outhouses are a vital part of the rustic garden if you are looking to have a garden of organic fruit and vegetables that you plan on growing, you could construct a colorful greenhouse using old wood paneling. But you could give it a few different colors to make it stand out and really pop with vibrancy.


Attract The Wildlife

The one thing that screams rustic in a garden is bird houses. If you’re looking to attract bluebirds or wrens, you should have bird houses with a weathered patina. Make sure you have an opening large enough for the birds. For example, bluebirds require a hole 1.5 inches in diameter so think about this before wondering what birds you would like to attract.


The rustic style is very popular right now and while it can be done on a limited budget, high-end products at the moment are really catering for that rustic country feel. So if you’re looking to give your garden a real sense of the old country, then you can’t go far wrong with these ideas. The trick to achieving a rustic garden is to not go to contemporary but to try and evoke feelings of your childhood or times from long ago. While the rustic approach to a garden is popular right now, it isn’t something that will go out of fashion there anytime soon, don’t you worry!