The ocean has a timeless quality to it. We draw inspiration from it. We go there to revitalize and recharge our batteries. Little wonder we cherish our ocean homes and even the slightest sea view is valued. Why not then bring the coast and the ocean into your home? If you are considering a renovation then the coast and its colors can serve as a brilliant source of inspiration.

Choosing your focus

Where to spend the money is always the big question when it comes to tackling a renovation. It can help to focus on your immediate needs before launching into any project. You might have specific requirements, for example, an outdated kitchen or bathroom. If you are working with an older house you might consider taking out a wall or connecting two separate spaces. One of the key basics of an ocean or coastal feel will be letting light into a space. Today’s modern open plan feel really works towards this.

You want to invest in your home wisely. So a consideration must be what makes sense financially when it comes to adding value to your home. One of the best areas to focus on in terms of added value will be the kitchen design. A kitchen remodeling company can be an invaluable alibi. They have seen it all before and will be able to make suggestions regarding design and materials. Updating the bathroom is another contender for renovation that will add value. Both of these lend themselves particularly well to a coastal theme

Letting in the light

One of the cornerstones of an ocean home is maximizing the light and view. This means making your windows as big as possible. Ranch sliders are a good way to do this. This not only fills the space with light but it encourages the eye outside. Decks and patios can make lovely coastal themed areas. Natural materials with a slightly weather beaten look are terrific in terms of a beach feel. Railways sleepers work well as imitation breakers. Large boulders and pebbles look fantastic. Having a water feature such as a fountain, pond or pool all add to that holiday home by the sea magic.

Keep your vision simple

Cut down on the clutter and keep lounge furniture simple and classic. Go for natural canvas type materials and work as light as possible with your color palette. Likewise, floors could be polished concrete or natural hardwood works really well. Cotton rugs and throws add a nice beach house touch.

In terms of your kitchen, the open space feel is an asset. If you can, choose steel fixtures and fittings. Go for light wood timber finishes. Natural timber can be subtly oiled with natural varnishes. They will also encourage the timber to be resilient. Slate can be an excellent floor material. Maximize your storage so that you can keep countertops refreshingly clear. Color schemes that complement this look include the lighter shades of blue and green. Navy blue is an excellent color to incorporate as a highlight.

Think of your bathroom in terms of a spa. Light, white and bright, set off with bamboo or natural timbers. Encourage a touch of luxury. Using the same tiles on floor and wall maximizes the space and can add a touch of quality to your wet room. You could decorate and embellish with a nautical theme to complement your choice of decor and feel.

Take the same idea back into your living space and find a beautifully iconic image or painting of the ocean to hang where all can admire it.