Ocean Home takes a peek inside former NBA star Chris WebberÂ’s intimate Malibu beach house.

After years spent sinking buckets on the basketball court, retired NBA star Chris Webber can now often be found enjoying the five-star life at his Malibu beach house. The modern three-bedroom, three-bath home sits on one acre atop Malibu’s highest bluff. While it comprises a relatively modest 3,000 square feet, the player’s pad is by no means small in its interior design and architectural stature. Designed by celebrity interior designer Alicia LaMar of Interior Couture by Alicia LaMar, Webber’s home is quaint yet has every bell and whistle of Malibu estates three times its size. Here, the designer talks to Ocean Home about her star client’s oceanfront escape. —Gerald Beck

How did you come to design Chris Webber’s home? Having designed six homes for [Webber], he called upon me to customize another one of his homes to accommodate his upscale yet distinguished taste. Each of his private homes is distinctively different from the other. This home is nestled on top of the seaside hills of High Malibu and is especially unique because it suits Mr. Webber’s appetite for pristine real estate while appealing to his value for privacy and appreciation for the natural beauty that is Malibu.

You’ve obviously spent time with Chris Webber and his family. What do they like to do at this home and at the beach? At their Malibu home, the Webbers take advantage of the outdoor playground that is Malibu. As a native of “Motown,” otherwise known as Detroit, you won’t likely find Mr. Webber surfing the California waves. Instead, one might find him relaxing on his 60-foot outdoor deck that overlooks 50 miles of serene shoreline.

Do the Webbers entertain here often? Although Mr. Webber leads a very private personal life, I was sure that the furnishing plan was suitable for relaxing and entertaining.

What does the family love so much about living near the beach? All six homes that I designed for Chris Webber have been near a body of water.  It is no secret that water brings peace and tranquility, especially to Chris’s busy lifestyle. The strength and beauty of the Pacific Ocean is simply relaxing.

Describe your style. Chris and I share an appreciation for design—understanding and embracing its diversity and beauty.  None of the homes I design look alike. And with this project, my client gave me complete creative freedom. As such, I kept his physical stature (he’s 6’10” tall) in mind. My focus was to fuse the interior design with the exterior architecture.

The Details

Location: Malibu, CA. Square feet: 3,000. Bedrooms: 3. Bathrooms: 3. Purchase year/price: 2007, $3.75M.