How do you define Villa Travel?  When consumers and travel agents think of villas, their first thought is for a special occasion or a large group traveling together.  That would be correct, however, there are so many more options to explore for everyday travels, so Private Trade Winds has been working on re-defining the “villa concept” .  Of course, we love the traditional Villa which we would call a Classic Villa. Classic Villas are typically found in Italy  and France, or they can be large ski chalets and single family beachfront homes. We are proud to introduce the Modern Villa, as well.  With the vast real estate developed over the last 10 years travelers now have various options for condos, condo-hotels, residence clubs , fractionals  and resort real estate  that they can add to their choices for travel instead of choosing a hotel.

Are the rates for a villa per person or for the entire villa? When rates are quoted they are for the entire villa and a maximum number of occupants.

What is the required length of stay at your villas? Some of our villas have a minimum stay; however, in most cases the relationship that we develop with the homeowner allows a great deal of flexibility. We will always go above and beyond to accommodate each need in every situation.

Does a weekly rental always start on the same day each week? No. ItÂ’s not like a timeshare where everything is structured and thereÂ’s no room for flexibility. Arrivals and departures are based on the clientÂ’s schedule, not the other way around.

When is High Season and Low Season? Our villas are located all around the world in various time zones and geographic locations. Therefore high and low seasons exist in most cases. Our Travel Advisors are well-qualified with more than 20 years experience, and they’re familiar with the specifics for each destination to help clients make the best choice. An option that many travelers overlook is Shoulder Season – the time period right before and after High and Low season. Shoulder Season can be an excellent time to travel with less crowds, more privacy, and reduced cost.

Do clients have to pay full rent if they book a home with more bedrooms than they need? Here lies the beauty of villa travel – again flexibility, flexibility, as mentioned in two of the other questions.   In many cases clients have the option of renting the villa as a whole, or they can break it down into smaller units to accommodate their needs. Again, the villa accommodates the client, instead of the client having to comply with property restrictions. Take our Caribbean destination – Rock Cottage on Antigua. Rock Cottage is a unique 5 bedroom villa built on the point in Soldier’s Bay at Blue Waters Antigua Resort. Although this spectacular villa can accommodate 10 guests, a couple in search of a unique experience can rent a smaller portion of the villa, and still receive all the service and amenities of Blue Waters Resort. So a party of two – a honeymoon couple, for instance, can book a suite and still enjoy a private pool, daily housekeeping and more! Many of our properties operate this way.

Is a villa a good idea for a honeymoon? A villa is perfect for a honeymoon. They can be large and grand enough to accommodate the entire wedding party, or small and intimate enough to set a romantic ambiance for honeymooners. Privacy and luxury go hand-in-hand with villa travel. Another great feature in a villa is the inclusion of a gourmet kitchen. In most cases a chef can be brought in to prepare a meal, and we have even had an occasion where we arranged a private culinary and wine pairing class for the bride and groom.

Aren’t villas more expensive than a hotel? Villa travel is more affordable than you might think. This topic was recently covered by Conde Nast. If youÂ’re booking multiple hotel rooms to accommodate a large family, villa travel will most likely be a greater savings, but it will undoubtedly be a better value. When booking a villa you have to remember youÂ’re not only getting space, privacy and security, but youÂ’re also getting a complete or gourmet kitchen for meal preparation. Think how fast 3 meals a day, 7 days a week can add up. Having a kitchen to enjoy home cooked meals or a relaxing breakfast in the morning isnÂ’t only convenient, but it can also save money.  When comparing total vacation costs for any size group, villas usually win the price debate, and the memories created make it a hands-down better experience.

What are some examples of great deals out there?  The best deals can be found everyday when a Private Trade Winds client purchases one of our Travel Plans.  Designed for our frequent travelers, clients save 10-20% on all PTW villa bookings through a price discount and/or special inclusions.  In addition, enrolled clients can take advantage of special offerings of up to 50% off throughout the year.  Clients who book our villas individually are guaranteed the best market price at any time, and receive special offers through our bi-monthly special newsletter .

Which destination is the best or hottest right now? That’s a very personal decision so we let our travel advisors help each client find the best destination for each traveler.  Nevertheless, we are always searching to bring our clients new and exciting places to explore and what is interesting – we seem to have a knack for finding that next special destination. Dubai was definitely a timely find, but at this moment I would have to say London and The Seychelles. Of course, it helped having the Royal Wedding the month our London property was released, and then Prince William and Kate spent their honeymoon in the Seychelles which pointed a lot of travelers in that direction. We had inquiries on the Seychelles the day we launched the villa in our June Newsletter .

Do all of your villas include staff personnel? Yes, either on or off site.   In order for a villa to be certified branded as a Private Trade Winds Villa it has to have daily housekeeping, chef, babysitting, and concierge.  Roundtrip airport transportation is always made available as well. We expect our guests to receive all the service and amenities one would find in a 5-Star Resort.

What makes Private Trade Winds Villas Branded?  We pride ourselves in being the first Branded villa rental company and the founders of the Five Star Villa Vacation.  Although our villas are located worldwide, they have a consistency in how we rate each condo, home or estate.  In addition, we offer hotel type amenities such as spa robes, high-end bath amenities, coffee, bottled water, and other logo branded items to make every guest feel the splendor of luxury hospitality.

What is your deposit and cancellation policy?  Each varies by location and size of the property, however, if a client chooses to purchase a travel plan they get to sign one lease and all properties follow one set of cancellation policies with no security deposit required, which makes it much easier for frequent travelers to enjoy villas (1-13bd options) any time, any place, without the traditional hassles of vacation rental leases and deposits.  Read more about our travel plans

Are children welcome in all the rentals?  Children are considered occupants and unless a resort is considered “adult only”, or if a homeowner chooses not to allow children, they are always welcome.  Most properties cater to children of all ages and provide toys, activities and children’s necessities to make it a fun trip for all.  At Private Trade Winds, we value our guests with children and even provide robes for their size.  Read about Stella, one of PTW’s most recent child guests on our blog.

Do I need to purchase trip insurance?  We always suggest trip insurance due to the uncertainty of life.  It’s just a way to have additional peace of mind.


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