Johnny McElree was exhausted. He and his family had been driving for days across the Midwest, his father pursuing a new career in California. The land was flat, the weather hot and dry, and Johnny, a boy of merely four-years-old, was getting stir crazy. TheyÂ’d passed through farmland and desert with nothing but the hope of a new opportunity on the horizon.

When they hit the California border, Johnny’s eyes had never been wider. A palm tree stood taller than anything he’d ever seen, its fronds swaying in the wind and casting a distinct shadow on the land. “It was just like the movies,” he says. “At that moment, I knew I was destined to live somewhere tropical.” That day Johnny dreamed of a life in paradise and, thanks to his drive to succeed, he wakes up in it every day.

The ability to turn dreams into reality became the foundation of JohnnyÂ’s career in real estate. He saw a chance to use his business expertise and passion for paradise to help other professionals and families achieve their own dreams of success. Whether theyÂ’re buying or selling, Johnny is focused on his clientsÂ’ goals and determined to deliver the results they deserve.

If youÂ’re looking to move to the Kohala Coast or sell your current home for maximum profit, contact Johnny today. HeÂ’s a professional who sold his business and moved his family to an entirely new area in order to give them a better life. When it comes to your needs, he covers every detail and creates a strategy that will make the process smooth and seamless.

When youÂ’re ready to buy a new home or sell your property for the best return, make sure you have a real estate professional who understands your goals. Johnny McElree believes thereÂ’s nothing better than living on the Kohala Coast and helping others achieve their real estate dreams. Contact Johnny today and live your dreams.


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