Myrtle Beach native and interior designer Kelly WearstlerÂ’s Malibu beach house reflects her lifelong love of the ocean and her infinite imagination.

Since 1999, L.A.-based designer Kelly Wearstler’s signature Technicolor style has brought wit and whimsy to the interiors of coastal private homes and luxury resorts. To create her dreamy décor, Wearstler uses tropical hues, bold geometric shapes, and otherworldly objets d’art, many of which the designer procures herself. When it came to outfitting her own Malibu beach house, Wearstler, inspired by her surroundings, chose an atypical palette of earthy colors, but sacrificed none of the whimsy for which she’s known. –Lindsay Lambert

How often do you hear “This doesn’t look like a beach house?”
Never. Everything looks like a reimagined treasure washed ashore.

Why did you decide on a house in Malibu?
We already owned a property in Malibu when this one became available. Plus, you want something close enough to be able to enjoy on weekends.

What was this house like when you purchased it and how much work have you put into it?
All that remains of the original house is the foundation, which was like a warm and welcoming footprint in the sand.

What was your inspiration for the design?

My inspiration was the organic beachy setting itself; nothing more, nothing less.

You travel frequently for work. What do you look forward to most upon returning?
The home is so open and representative of its natural environment; once you step inside the front door, that feeling of the beach is upon you before you ever hit the sand.

What room gets the biggest reaction from guests?
The first floor is mainly glass facing west, and everyone typically remarks on the incredible view and proximity to the beach. “Wow!” is common, and my sons’ guests usually squeal, “When do we get to go swimming?”

What is your favorite part of the home?

On a bright sunny day, nothing beats the deck overlooking the Pacific. A comfy chair, a gorgeous sunset; IÂ’m set!

What about ocean living do you love so much?
I grew up near the ocean. The surf flowing in and out is constantly invigorating to me, which is what makes oil spills all the more tragic. We have to do what we can to use clean energy and preserve our natural environment; where will we be without it?

Do you entertain much here?
Although the Malibu beach house is perfect for gatherings, we actually entertain more at our full-time home in Beverly Hills.

What is most challenging about living on the beach?
Leaving! It is so restful here, so peaceful and relaxing, with the wind, water, sand, and sun right at your back doorstep. Who would want to leave?

Do you work much out of this house?
No! Once the house was finished, it was all about down time.

WhatÂ’s your favorite activity while here?
Spending quality time with my family. Time slows down there. We are all very busy, so when weÂ’re together at the beach house, we try to make it special.

The Details:
Number of bedrooms: 5; Number of bathrooms: 6; Square footage: 6,500. Year purchased: 2005.