Exclusive Italian Design is the Ultimate in Luxury for your Oceanfront Kitchen. By, Lindsay Gabrielski, Associate Web Editor

Snaidero is the world’s foremost manufacturer of innovative and extraordinary Italian kitchen cabinetry. Snaidero USA brought Snaidero’s products and philosophy to the American Market in 1979, and has since expanded exponentially, now featuring 25 corporate showrooms and exclusive studios. Using the finest quality European materials, and working with top of the line architects and designers, Snaidero USA has succeeded in establishing a product unrivaled in quality and beauty. Their technology and innovation keeps them a step ahead of competitors as they are continually revising old designs and coming up with new ideas to match the markets demands for a more modern, functional and environmentally friendly kitchen. From private residences to luxury apartment complexes, Snaidero USA is the brand choice for kitchen product and design in luxury living across North America and beyond.

Oceanfront homes and multi-housing complexes are a dominating portion of Snaidero USA’s market, given the demand for luxury products to compliment a luxury lifestyle. OceanHome had the opportunity to speak with Susan Limone, a company manager based at Snaidero USA’s New York City location, to get an inside look into Snaidero USA’s oceanfront client base and how Snaidero kitchen products fit into luxury coastal interior design.

Susan’s team works on projects all the way from the Hamptons to the North Carolina coastline. Each project Snaidero USA embarks on is a reflection of the location, the client and their lifestyle. Many of Susan’s oceanfront projects are homeowners seeking to break tradition in a second home. They want to challenge themselves by doing something contemporary and modern in design. Thus, they look to Snaidero USA to offer them the personal attention needed to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen that redefines this primarily basic space.

Snaidero’s collection is a combination of modern and exclusive materials, colors and shapes making the possibilities for a unique kitchen design endless. Whether it is an outdoor bar on a veranda in Hawaii, or an ocean view penthouse suite in Miami, Snaidero USA can cater to your space, style and needs. The collection and color that Susan has found most popular among her ocean front clientele is Ola in dream blue. The soft curves of Ola (which happens to be Spanish for “wave”) in Dream Blue metallic lacquer seem to echo the relaxing and soothing vibe of the ocean while featuring all the modern amenities that allow for a multi-functional kitchen area.

Developed twenty years ago, Ola was a revolutionary step in kitchen design, moving away from structural shapes and edges and opening the possibility that innovative kitchen design could both enhance beauty and functionality. Snaidero has redefined the original concept of a kitchen, transforming it into a living space: somewhere you want to spend time, not just somewhere to prepare and store food. Before every project there is an extensive analysis of trends, colors, materials, ergonomics, environmental impact and safety so that the final product is true to Snaidero USA’s standards of function, durability and elegance.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your current oceanfront home or building a new one, there is no better way for the interior of your home to reflect the elegance and luxury of oceanfront living than with Snaidero USA’s line of products. In addition to their distinctive kitchens, they offer equally unique Italian designs for closet and bathroom spaces.

With the ultimate in Italian luxury throughout the interior of your oceanfront home, you should be warned that you might just find yourself wanting to spend more time in the bathroom, closet and kitchen than admiring your view.


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