This November Landry Design Group will wow audiences once again with 344 pages of the most architecturally stunning residential properties in the world. Soon to be available in bookstores, “Private Estates: New Architecture by Landry Design Group” expands on Richard Landry’s first monograph, “Modern to Classic,” and shows why his high-end residential architecture firm is famous for infusing variety, warmth and approachability into a field of architecture that can easily fall into a trap of monotony and monumentality.

Echoing the versatility found in his first book, Landry carefully selected fifteen houses to feature in Private Estates, all which demonstrate the range of architectural styles that his firm is capable of working with.

“Some firms are known for a signature style,” says Landry. “Landry Design Group is known for a lack there of.”

Rather than designing within a particular style, Landry builds from the clients’ vision resulting in a home as unique as the client themselves.  From daringly modern to classic and elegant to quaint and comfortable, the houses in “Private Estate” are no different.

Richard explains that to be considered ‘high-end’ a home does not have to be a grand estate. “It is the detail and quality that determine the caliber of a home,” says Landry.

As for RichardÂ’s favorite house– it seems to be an impossible choice.

“I love them all! That is like asking a mother of six to chose her favorite child.”

Richard hopes that the audience for “Private Estates” will be as versatile as the houses he chose to put behind the cover. “It really is not made for a target audience; it is for anyone who appreciates architectural design whether for inspiration or simply to look at the pictures.”

Judging by our brief glimpse into the homes featured in “Private Estates”, it’s safe to say that few will find it difficult to appreciate.