When it comes to autumn inspiration for your beloved beach home, leaves are the first things that come to mind. Surrounded by a plateau of colorful leaves, nature seems to compose a breathtaking spectacle that marks the end of a natural cycle. Taking time to enjoy nature in its course towards white stillness, we find it appropriate to bring some of its inspiring shapes and colors inside and become tuned with the beautiful surroundings. In the garden and in between the walls of your comfortable home, a collection of leaf-inspired autumn decorations can make a difference in your daily routine. I would like to share with you 10 leaf-inspired decorations for an autumn beach home.

1. Leaf Lounge

Perfect for the end of summer by the ocean, this modern interpretation of  elegantly curved leaves eases our transition from summer’s warm to autumn’s chill. Designed by Belgium-based Frank Ligthart, the inviting leaf-shaped lounge chair can easily be placed on the beach any sunny day of the year, constantly reminding you that a carefully constructed piece of furniture can carry with it the power of its inspiration.


2. Leaf outdoor bench

Part of the Boston collection from Thailand based Deesawat, the Leaf outdoor bench looks more like a nature-inspired jewelry than a functional piece of furniture. Imagine displaying this beautiful outdoor bench in your garden, among natural leaves. Shaped out of a modern combination of Teak and stainless steel, the cute benches can easily become the focal point of any autumn garden.

3. Leaf Swing

To remain in the great outdoors, this wonderful leaf-shaped swing you can see in the photo below is designed by Alberto Sánchez of Enea Studio. Why not have a beautiful swing designed for you – an adult – in your backyard? Just imagine the sun setting and soft rays of light piercing through its holes, casting shadows underneath – isn’t that one of the memories you would cherish?

4. Foglia patio furniture

Besides being elegant and inviting, the Foglia patio furniture collection is also comfortable. Its materials speak the language of modern furniture design: teak, aluminum, steel and natural textiles.  Designed by Corradi, the perforated frames are reminiscent of veins on leafage, constructing an appealing autumn vibe.

5. Turn the Season rug

Moving inside the home, a beautiful seasonal rug welcomes you, family and friends to a place where the changing of season is clearly visible. Turn the Season rug by Yvette Laduk of YLdesign can literally be turned from displaying green leaves to showcasing autumn leaves on the first day of the new season, marking its beginnings.

6. Leaf cabinet

Inside the home, many designs can make it seem like you live outdoors, between brown, yellow, dark green, plum and red leaves. Inspired by the shape of autumn’s main elements, this collection of a leaf-shaped cabinet and similar shelf can easily change the design angle of a room. Designer Svilen Gamolov brings the sinuous shape of a leaf inside your home with his solid wood, plywood and MDF creation.

7. Hyphae Lamp

If you would like to showcase something with a more subtle leaf reference, the Hyphae Lamps from Nervous Systems are perfect for your home. Gathered in a collection of algorithmically generated lighting designs, these LED lamps cast amazing shadows part of their visual presentation. Printed using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, each lamp appears to be delicate and airy, but they are surprisingly strong.

8. Seasons Silicone leaf plates

On the kitchen table, a modern set of silicone plates from designer Nao Tamura easily reminds you about the last green leaves, creating a sentimental transition between seasons and crating a cultural bridge. “Seasons is an interpretation of functional kitchen and serving ware, inspired by nature and technology, through the cultural lens of Japan.”

9. Leaf Tie cable organizer

Cables usually lying unaesthetically around can be neatly organized with a cute and joyful Leaf Tie cable organizer. Efficient, functional and decorative, they have two little plastic leaves sprout out from their ends. It comes in many colors for those who like to experiment with different visual impacts: Emerald, Olive green, Espresso Reindeer white, Kingfisher and Scarlet.

10. Appree Leaf It Stickies

Finishing our journey through the season of colorful leaves with this collection of sticky notes from Appree Leaf It Stickies, I would like to see more creative ideas next autumn, so we can add them to seasonal pleasures that fill our heart with joy. Until then, rustling natural leaves are the best way to decorate your home – they’re natural, have exceptional decorating qualities and you can find them in the backyard and on sidewalks.

About Ada Teicu: An architecture enthusiast, Ada shares finds from all over the world, constructing a spotlight on modern design. Expressing personal preferences on her blog – she loves uncovering new designers and find what makes acknowledged architects so unique. Follow her on Twitter or Pinterest inspiring surrounding design.