Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged on Ocean Home from Belize. This blog is directed to all the Americans that are more than just a little afraid of what’s happening to the financial security that they felt was their patriotic right.

Having been born in the heartland of America in the early 50s, raised in a God loving small farm family, and spending 50 years of my life living in different parts of a wonderful country, I can speak only for myself.

Having watched the employment and financial security of my own personal life dwindle through the years in America, it is refreshing to come to a country where individuality and self-preservation is not only revered but rewarded. Refreshing to know that I can take on a business of my choosing in a country where entrepreneurship is rewarded by fair taxes and less Government reigns. Where the local people relish in working a job to receive what is considered fair pay for work done, and are loyal to their employer because he is loyal to them. These are the days of my childhood, my remembrance of being happy working a job, being happy to bring home a paycheck that at least covered my expenses, and lastly; the happiness of knowing that I can save money for retirement THAT I CAN KEEP! THIS IS BELIZE!

As a young boy I got interested in amateur radio. I used to love receiving QSL (contact confirmation) cards from stations I had talked to all over the world, especially the ones with palm tree lined beach scenes from the Caribbean. My desire to travel started then but unfortunately my financial situation and desire to start an early family kept me away from those dreams and I started full time work right after Graduation from college in 1971. Through the years I worked for many large organizations from John Deere Tractor to American Airlines to Charles Schwab & Co. Each move saw a lessening concern by upper management for the lesser employee, me!

I long desired to be self sufficient like my father was in the 50s. To be responsible for my own family in a direct way. Being a semi-pro musician on the side I also didn’t want to go back to the 4:00 am to 8:00 pm days of the family farm. Starting a small part-time business was easy early on, but as I grew older and learned the “responsibilities” that Government controls put on free enterprise I realized how un-empowered I really was.

When I broke free of the instilled feelings of having to remain in my birth country I started to realize that there just might be a better life and opportunities elsewhere. Belize offers and encourages not only Americans and Canadians but all races the opportunity to invest and become self-sufficient. Being an English speaking, self-governed democratic society based on the same Civil laws that founded America, Belize offers the best alternative to those that want to break free.

Belize has been home for my wife and I for the past 5 years and now will be the home of our 38 year old son and his new British girlfriend. He has spent the last 6 years in and out of Iraq and is looking forward to a quieter lifestyle and assisting us in our business ventures and hopefully starting some of his own. Belize has the weather, the relaxation OR adventure that you desire, the friendliest people in Central America/Western Caribbean, safety, and security that you can actually call HOME!

Retirement in Belize is very easy. If you are at least 45 years old, not a known criminal, and have a retirement pension or can deposit the equivalent of $2000 per month in a Belize bank, you can retire in Belize. You don’t have to live here full time if you still want to make trips back to your “previous” home, but you can if you so desire. Once granted QRP (Qualified Retirement Program) status you can bring in a vehicle (car, boat, airplane) and a container full of your personal goods under the program, Duty Free.

You own your own property FREE TITLE. Unlike other countries where title has to be held by a company or you can’t hold title AT ALL, you can hold title personally, through a Belize company, or through a foreign IBC and property taxes are EXTREMELY low.

You can own your own company. As a QRP you aren’t supposed to work in Belize. But as a QRP you can own a company and hire locals to work for you, as a matter of fact that is encouraged. As a Resident of Belize, which can take just a little more than a year, you can work for anyone.  You can also work under a Belize Work Permit which is renewed yearly.

One of the projects we are considering is setting up a self-sustained development. Totally off the grid. Each owner will have not only a plot of land for a house, but a plot of land for a garden to be almost totally self sufficient. It has been said that owning a farm today is like owning a gold mine 50 years ago. To be able to be self-sufficient will be the wealth of the future!

All in all, we are very happy in Belize and encourage anyone to contact us at our email address or call our Houston number, direct to Belize, 713-893-8023. We will be more than happy to talk about Belize and why you should think about calling this English speaking, Caribbean / Central American country HOME!

Bye for now, Living the Dream in Paradise!