It’s the dream: waking up the call of gulls and the crash of sea spray against the rocks. Opening your curtains to the azure blue of the sea, and the sunlight glittering on the cresting waves. Going outside, and smelling the salt in the air and feeling the cool breeze against your skin.

But what if it doesn’t have to be a dream? What if it could be your everyday reality? There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to make a dream happen, or let it go. And if you’re reading this post – then maybe it’s time for you to take a deep breath, and start searching for coastal properties.

Still not sure that you’re ready? Well, read the below – and then have fun with your move.


The time’s right

In all honesty, the time will never be right. You’ll never have the perfect moment to seize your life and uproot it. But every now and again, you’ll see signs that’ll make you realise it’s the closest you’ll get to perfect. Maybe your children have left home for good, and started their own families. Maybe you’ve just retired or stepped down in responsibilities at work. Maybe you’ve just set up a business that you can do anywhere. Or maybe, you’ve just reached the end of your tether with how your life is going, and you think a big change could be the remedy. Fate will never give you an easy card, so you need to take a deep breath, count up what you’ve got to stay for and what you can leave behind – and just do it.


It’s an investment

If the only thing holding you back is property, then you’ve got no reason to stay. Whether you decide to relocate within your own country, or choose a new country to live in, it’s never been better to sell. Stop holding out for better prices or a drop in the area you want to live in, as it’s not likely to happen. Or, save money buying a home with Hungry Agents, or through similar businesses. More and more people want to live by the sea, making the property prices are sure investment. Which is another bonus: think of it as a portfolio addition. You’re putting your money into something that isn’t going to drop. If the location you want to buy in is more expensive than where you are now, then shop around.



Your physical and mental health will improve

Living by the sea brings with it a whole new host of outdoor activities for you try: from swimming and sailing, to volleyball and coastal walks. And while it might be hard to summon the motivation to go for a walk through your mundane town, one could never turn down walking along the beach with your toes in the ocean. A study carried out by the University of Exeter, UK, found that those living within five kilometres of the British coastline had significantly better physical and mental health than those who don’t.


The food is better

Living near the coast gives you a much better diet. You’ll have access to fresh fish and seafood on a daily basis. And because coastal towns are often surrounded by farmland, you’ll be able to buy directly through farmers, or through local markets or farm shops. You’ll be able to enjoy far more locally sourced, responsibly farmed produce too.


You’ll wake up to gorgeous views every day

You’ll never need – or want – to go on holiday again. With such incredible views from your home, every day will feel like a vacation. Whether it’s stormy weather and the sea is black as night, or it’s a crisp summer day and the water is translucent blue, you’ll never grow tired of what it looks like. Plus, the beach constantly changes, so you’ll always have something to look at and explore.


You can enjoy your home more

When you live by the coast, you’ll want to get far more out of your home than you ever did before. With such gorgeous views, you’ll be spending far more time in your living areas and your garden than ever before. So, it gives you the opportunity to decorate and style your home, fit to be featured in a high end magazine. Plus, you can make the most of your garden. You’ll want to host and have people over lots, and if you’ve got gorgeous outdoor furniture, and a professionally landscaped garden, you’ll never be short of people who want to come over!