Pebble Beach is located in Monterey County on the Monterey Peninsula.  It is bordered by Carmel-by-the Sea to the south, Pacific Grove to the north, the City of Monterey to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.  Big Sur is approximately a 30 mile drive south on scenic State Route 1. Santa Cruz and San Francisco are approximately 45 and 120 miles to the north, respectively.  The Zip code for Pebble Beach is 93953 and the telephone area code is 831. Fifteen minutes from Pebble Beach is the Monterey Peninsula Airport, which has direct flights to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas.   The Monterey Jet Center , a private Fix Based Operator is also located at the Airport.

Pebble Beach, California

A drive through the private enclave community of Pebble Beach and the Del Monte Forest along 17-Mile Drive is one of life’s few unforgettable visual experiences.  Few drives will ever be as magnificent or memorable.  The collide of coastal rugged natural splendor, emerald fairways of seven world famous golf courses, and magnificent architectural mansions is a site to behold.  One not need be a golf fanatic to appreciate the harmonious marriage of golf course geography and coastal majesty in and around Pebble Beach.

The well traveled two lane 17 mile drive has seen many years of activity.  Once a trail in which covered wagons carried guests from hotels to picnic grounds along Pebble Beach over a 100 years ago.  Though a century has passed, some things remain timeless in this enchanted forest. Still today, tourists continue to enjoy the 20 stops along 17 Mile Drive and enjoy vistas of the restless sea.  Golf continues to be the number one sport of the area for over 80 years. From the legendary Lone Cypress to the famed eighteenth green of Pebble Beach Golf Links, your trip along 17- Mile Drive will leave you spellbound.

Spectacular Pebble Beach estates punctuate but never overwhelm the picturesque shoreline.  Discover nature’s treasures as you explore the serene majesty of Del Monte Forest home to a fortunate few Pebble Beach citizens.  Here you’ll quickly experience the magic of a legendary scenic tour that’s home to, Seal and Bird Rocks, Fanshell Beach, Point Joe, and the colliding currents of the restless Sea.When your storybook tour is complete, an unforgettable dining experience awaits at one of the many gourmet restaurant as you contemplate purchasing a home in Pebble Beach. 

Pebble Beach is not deemed a city but rather a corporation owned by the Pebble Beach Company.  Pebble Beach is a unincorporated community in Monterey County.  Approximately 4,531 residents experience the privilege of living in the Del Monte Forest and behind the private gates of Pebble Beach.  Pebble Beach is considered a very affluent community which is home to many retirees and sophisticated business entrepreneurs. The exclusive community of Pebble Beach has few businesses apart from those owned by the Pebble Beach Company (except the golf courses, Stevenson private school, one gas station, and a deli), most of the very exclusive estates are hidden behind mature trees within the Del Monte Forest.  The ambiance of Pebble Beach is quiet, secluded, and romantically foggy. 

The community is home to many famous people including Al Bernardin (inventor of the Quarter Pounder,) Clint Eastwood (actor-director,) Greg London (singer-actor-impressionist,) George Lopez (comedian,) Alan Shepard (astronaut,) and Charles Schwab (stock broker.) Residents of Pebble Beach pay homeowner’s fees for road maintenance and property taxes to Monterey County.  The area is also partly administered by the Del Monte Forest Foundation, a non-profit organization designated by Monterey County and the California Coastal Commission, and comprising a volunteer board of 12 members working to preserve the open space within the Del Monte Forest. Except for two representatives of the Pebble Beach Company, all must be property owners and residents of the Forest.

The public schools serving Pebble Beach are Carmel High SchoolCarmel Middle School, and River School, all located in Carmel, and Forest Grove SchoolPacific Grove Middle School, and Pacific Grove High School, all located in Pacific Grove.  Pebble Beach is also home to Stevenson School, a coed half-boarding, half-day private high-school. The high school runs alternative radio station KSPB, which broadcasts BBC World Service when students are not operating the station. Access to  Pebble Beach Real Estate is available at five guard gates in Carmel or Pacific Grove the entry fee is $9.50 fee per vehicle.  

The community of Pebble Beach is comprised of 5 areas or sub-divisons each with it’s own ambiance and special characteristics.  The five sub-divisions are as follows: 175  Country Club West 176  Country Club East 177  Central Pebble Beach 178   Lodge 179  Upper Forest, Sheppard’s Knoll, Ocean Pines

Prices for estates in each sub-division of Pebble Beach can vary greatly, ocean view and ocean front property will command top dollar.  Homes with both golf course and ocean vistas are spectacular and highly desired by many home buyers. Explore the characteristics & lifestyle of each sub-division and quickly find Pebble Beach homes for sale in each area by clicking the links above.