Washed ashore by the continuous dynamic nature of water, driftwood is one of the most inspiring materials an artist can work with. Deprived of the liberty to completely change the material they work with in order to keep the uniqueness of each piece, driftwood furniture designers strive to create modern driftwood furniture and décor using the material’s soft, time-stamped features.


Sculpted by the ongoing influence of water and sand into smooth versions of themselves, bleached by the sun and capturing the essence of long erosion in their fascinating texture, driftwood blocks can be transformed into attention-grabbing decorative and functional items.

In nature, driftwood provides shelter for birds and stand at the base of sand dunes, but once these wood pieces bearing the continuous movement of water are found washed ashore by creative minds, they are transformed into precious decorations or furniture items and are sent on their way to beautify your home.

Washed ashore, driftwood becomes the source for inspirational pieces of furniture and décor – mirror frames, furniture, hangers, sculptures and so on rekindle the beauty of wood first sculpted by the natural environment. This seems to be a fruitful collaboration between artists and nature that leads to constructing a personal connection with the product of natural forces. Drift lumber from shipwrecks and other man-made wooden objects can be salvaged to become useful again.

Aside the influence of water, sand and time, driftwood benefits from another interesting feature – its uniqueness. Each piece of wood was carefully defined by natural forces in unique shapes and textures, creating the base for the construction of a beach-reminiscent design.

Restless wave action shapes some amazing pieces of wood that can successfully be used to compose a large palette of products. Take as examples these beautiful furniture collections: The Tikibaq folding screen was designed by Bleu Nature to be used outdoors, lending surrounding space an imposing atmosphere, created by the material’s texture and the composition’s sinuous arrangement. Standing on a lacquered stainless steel base, the driftwood pieces shape an organic decorating item to use where you need to define the outdoor space.

Another design from Bleu Nature displays an inspiring collection of driftwood – the Qilak armchair and sofa (in the photo below) were created by the French manufacturers to bring an inspired combination of driftwood and modern design to any home in search of a beach-inspired design.

Baptized By Nature driftwood furniture collection by Catherine Op de Beeck (first three photos) captures the beauty of eco-friendly furniture design in a natural furniture collection displaying logs as the main focal point. Tables and shelves, towel racks, lounge chairs and vases all have these fascinating pieces of driftwood intersecting with other materials to shape modern designs incorporating aged driftwood in a unique collection.

Driftwood challenges the mind to guess each piece’s history and character. Abandoned pieces of wood find a new life under the attentive supervision of talented craftsmen, contributing to our understanding and acceptance of nature’s uninterrupted influence on our life.