Living by the sea is a dream come true for many people. Whether you relished holidays by the beach as a child or just have an unwavering love for the ocean, there is simply something magical about your home overlooking the coastline. With that in mind, your ideal home should be designed in a way that enables you to fully enjoy the idyllic location. Coastal properties are in demand, and therefore they don’t come cheap. This is why it’s worth taking the time to make your home as perfect as possible, so you can take full advantage of your location. One of the dreamiest things about a coastal home is being able to look out over the bay on a daily basis. Here’s how you can open up your home to the view you are so lucky to have.

Huge windows

A beautiful coastal view deserves a perfect frame, and it doesn’t get better than floor-to-ceiling windows. They can add a touch of contemporary class to an otherwise traditional home, and are perfect if you’re thinking of doing a renovation. Speak to professionals, such as the people at The Renovation Company about upgrading your current windows to some larger ones. This way, you will get an almost 360 degree view of the sand and sea beneath you. Not a bad sight to look out on when you’re making your morning coffee! Larger windows also mean you get more light into your property, which benefits you in more ways that one. It means your home will appear larger and lighter due to the light refracting off your surfaces, and exposure to sunlight is also good for your health.

Window seats

If floor to ceiling windows aren’t an option for you, but you still want to have a great spot to admire the view from, why don’t you install a window seat? Tall yet low windows are perfect for this kind of thing, or you could get a new window installed if you don’t currently have one that’s suitable. Window seats work best in bay windows, or in spaces where there is already an indoor sill. This way, you can simply extend the sill by making it into a bench of sorts. Add a fluffy throw on top and a few cushions and there you have it: a cosy little reading nook for you and your family to enjoy. Another great point about window seats is that they can double up as storage if you choose to make the seat into a box.


If you live by the sea, you’re probably used to your fair share of coastal air. There’s no better way to enjoy it, or to enjoy the sunshine during the summer, by having a great outdoor seating area. Decking is a viable and modern option for your home that is relatively easy to install. Choose an attractive wood and remember to get barriers installed if you are particularly close to a cliff edge or any sort of sharp drop. Decks can be used for entertaining all year round and they make a great substitute for a garden if you don’t have time to look after your own.