Lately the craze to live a healthy lifestyle has been in full in force. Eating organic, using natural products, and trying different forms of exercising such as yoga and pilates are just a few ways that people are indulging in the holistic life. However, during this time of the year it is hard to keep a certain peace of mind and it is even more difficult to take a minute to relax. ItÂ’s easy to get wrapped up (no pun-intended) in the chaotic atmosphere and forget to pause for a minute to let yourself unwind. As nice as taking a day and visiting the spa is, many people donÂ’t have time to fit that into their busy schedule. That is why Topical BioMedics Inc. has put together the perfect natural spa packages to help both men and women unwind and escape from the holiday stress.

As a research and development leader in topical regulated natural biomedicines for pain relief, Topical BioMedics Inc. features their signature therapeutic brand: Topricin. Made from of a select combination of high quality natural homeopathic biomedicines, Topricin is clean and safe to use, and distributes powerful medicine to help get rid of any aches and pains. Found in all of the luxury packages, this item will be the rescue your body needs after fighting the shopping crowds.

Topical BioMedics has put together a few packages for those who are trying to melt their stress away. All packages feature luxury products, but are paired with an affordable price and are great for any person on-the-go. Buyers can choose between the ‘Active Lifestyle Pack’ which includes jars of Topricin, water bottle, gym towel, Reflexology hand cream and a natural candle, or the ‘Relaxation Pack’ which has natural oatmeal soap, a hand-held massager, Topricin foot therapy and hand cream, and a Reflexology hand card, that shows where to massage to make sure you hit all your stress points. For those who want to give their feet a rest from the running around, there are also the ‘Foot Spa’ and ‘Foot Retreat’ packages that will make anyone want to kick back and “put their feet up.”

One thing is for certain, the holidays are all about giving back, but it is equally as important to not get run-down with the hype. Topical BioMedics is the ideal pre or post holiday gift for a loved one, or more importantly – yourself!

About Topical BioMedics, Inc. Topical BioMedics is the research and development leader in topical regulated natural biomedicines for pain relief. The company’s flagship product, Topricin® Pain Relief and Healing Cream, was introduced in 1994 and is now a leading natural therapeutic brand. A combination homeopathic formula, Topricin has been awarded a patent for the treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia and neuropathy.