Interior designer Paola Stroppiana styles for the stars and the starry-eyed.

By Terri Ogan

Enjoying a modern lifestyle is high on the list of priorities these days, but when it comes to designing the living space of your home, finding the right blend of stylish furniture and fabrics that also reflect an environmental awareness can be  chore.ohos09_inside_2

Malibu-based interior designer Paola Stroppiana says that a greener, more vintage approach is often the right call these days. “I use wooden floors that come from trees ohos09_inside_1that are cultivated for that purpose, and I have an ecological awareness with paint,” Stroppiana says.

Originally from Milan, Stroppiana has been designing homes for 15 years in the Los Angeles area. Stroppiana’s clientele includes lawyers, film industry insiders, and celebrities who wish to remain nameless. While her chic European flavor helps to create lavish homes, she says comfort is a key component in satisfying her clients.

“The designer really needs to understand what the customer wants and needs,” she says, “but should also know how things work and where to find quality materials.” Designing an oceanfront home is much different than designing a house in the heart of Beverly Hills, she explains. Stroppiana says that the ocean, sun, and wind are all factors which contribute to her design approach.

“You can’t use the same fabrics and materials as you would in a Beverly Hills home,” says Stroppiana. “You have to find materials that are salt and water resistant. At the same time, you must use colors that allow you to have a visual continuity between the ocean and the house. The ocean is a part of the architecture of the house.”

When it comes to finding an interior designer that best suits your needs, an interview is the first step. The designer should click with the client and be able to determine what they want and need. “I had a couple that really liked modern furniture; however, one partner had problems with his back,” Stroppiana says. “I said, -This furniture will be really low. Are you sure you want the modern sofa?” What he wanted wasn’t exactly what he needed.”

In the end, itís all about comfort and style. “I’m very proud when I see people enjoy life in their new home with positive energy,” says Stroppiana. “I’m the proudest when I see their lives evolve well in the house.”
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