The beginning of the year is the perfect time to reflect on where you are now and set goals and challenges for yourself for the year. If you set any of the goals listed below, you’ll want to hear these tips and tricks to sticking to your resolutions and how to stay motivated. You’ve got this!



New Year’s Resolution: Get in Shape

The number one New Year’s Resolution year after year is, you guessed it, to get in shape. One tip from is to have a certain dress (or any article of clothing) hanging up in your room as motivation to keep going. What better motivation than to have the classic little-black-dress stare you in the face, just hanging there, nearly whispering to you that it’s all work it. Get your own Sea Lily black-little-dress (pictured above) with the link here:



New Year’s Resolution: Dress every day like you’re going to bump into your future husband

Or if that old chestnut doesn’t incentivise you to aim higher in the style stakes, consider these words of wisdom straight: “Every time you get dressed just remember that if you die, that’s your ghost outfit forever.” Powerful.

Shop Sea Lily for the outfits that would make your future husband weak-in-his-knees like the outfit above:


New Year’s Resolution: Be More Conservative

There’s a lot of great new programs, even apps, that help you be more conscience and conservative. The state of our environment is a pressing matter that isn’t to be ignored. Now you can kill two birds with one stone by shopping Sea Lily. A portion of your purchase directly proceeds ocean conservation non-profits. Read more about Sea Lily’s mission for ocean conservation here:

Check out the rest of the Sea Lily collection here: