Burdge & Associates Architects (BAA) is an acclaimed international architectural, planning and consulting firm, based in Malibu, Calif. BAA specializes in the creation of premier residential, institutional and commercial projects throughout North America and the world.

Founder and principal Doug Burdge and BAA are recognized for a variety of architectural styles, including Spanish Mediterranean, “Rustic-Modern” and cutting-edge contemporary, from Malibu to Sun Valley to Los Cabos.

Burdge has become one of Malibu’s signature architects, having designed and built more than 100 estates in the region, for notable clients including entertainment moguls, politicians and Fortune 500 CEOs. Discerning homebuyers commission BAA, knowing that working with Burdge will result in a distinctive coastal home that reflects their own personality.

Burdge has unparalleled experience building in the City of Malibu, and has the ability to efficiently implement significant residential projects through his long-term relationships with city officials, local real estate brokers and developers, and geological consultants.

Once completed, a Burdge home has pedigree, and leading real estate publications frequently attach his name to the prominent estates on the market, knowing that the price tag on a Burdge home will be positively affected.

Beyond Malibu, Burdge and his team have designed a variety of mixed-use, multi-family and single-family estate projects in Paso Robles, California; Sun Valley, Idaho; and Big Sky, Montana. The firm is also committed to maximizing the best use of sustainable materials and methods and creating environmentally responsible designs for all of its architectural projects.

For more information, www.buaia.com

Image Credits: Photo courtesy of Burdge & Associates Architects.