A modernist in his approach to architecture and design, Guy Peterson speaks a language of honesty and simplicity. He calls his work poetic and human, saying that it evokes emotions and comes from the heart. Through light, shadow, color, and indigenous materials, he creates an aesthetic that’s clean, sustainable, and aimed at delight.

The springboard for his work is the regional modernism of the “Sarasota School” spanning 1941 to 1966, and championed by Paul Rudolph. It blends the cultural, vernacular and tropical influences of traditional South Florida architecture with the modernist philosophies of the Bauhaus and International Style.

Peterson achieves delight by orchestrating a cinematic sequence of spaces that hold one’s interest through a process of discovery. The architect says he believes in essentialism – a concept that demands design by analysis and reduction, rather than stylistic imitation and embellishment.

Peterson has received almost 70 awards and special recognitions since founding his successful practice in 1980.

For more information, www.guypeterson.com

Image Credits: Photo by Greg Wilson Photography.