Horst Architects, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Horst Noppenberger, AIA, and is based in Laguna Beach, Calif. The practice has evolved into a multi-disciplinary group producing work which bridges technology with cultural and environmental awareness.

The company’s approach to design affirms the possibility of fulfilling the rigorous requirements of each client while engaging in a spirited and robust dialogue with the site.

The work explores the contrapuntal aspect of human nature through the creation of space that is at once sheltering and expansive, communal and intimate, permanent and ephemeral.

Each project celebrates the unique aspect of program, client and site to arrive at design solutions that are original and distinctive. Horst adheres to the principal ethos of modernism, to strip away the extraneous and be somewhat reductive. This signature approach leads to a poetics of space, characterized by the sculptural interplay of light, material and form.

The work of Horst Architects has been published in World Architecture, Ville Giardini, Vogue, Luxe, Interiors, and Ocean Home Magazine. Other projects have been featured in the Art and Architecture Home Tour, co-sponsored by the Orange County Museum of Art and the American Institute of Architects.

For more information, www.horst-architects.com

Image Credits: Photo by Toby Ponnay.