Hutker Architects, Inc., is a full service architecture and interior design firm providing in-depth design strategies, comprehensive project coordination, and site-specific construction observation. The firm’s staff includes experts in property planning, architecture and interior design.

Founded by Mark Hutker, AIA, shortly after his arrival on Martha’s Vineyard in 1985, the firm’s early commissions for renovations and expansions grew into commissions for new residences and buildings throughout the island.

From those early projects through to the present, Hutker Architects focuses on working with durable materials endemic to the region in designs that call for the highest standards of craft by the area’s builders and artisans.

The firm’s strong emphasis on design, material and craft underpins all of its work. Today, 40 design professionals apply innovation to tradition in pursuit of solutions to each client’s requirements.

Over the past quarter century, Hutker Architects has designed and completed more than 200 residential, commercial and institutional buildings in New England and beyond. The team’s work process embraces a highly collaborative approach to ensure the resulting product reflects the client’s imagination and lifestyle.

“Hutker Architects is well regarded for our emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship, use of honest, simple materials and designs that create homes worthy of preservation,” Hutker says.

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Image Credits: Photo by Brian Vanden Brink.