Ike Kligerman Barkley’s architecture and interiors departments work throughout history and across styles, always seeking to enhance life through good design.

The firm collaborates closely with its clients, craftsmen and colleagues to produce personalized living environments as well as the occasional high profile public buildings.

For more than 25 years, the firm has designed buildings across the United States and around the world from Martha’s Vineyard to Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas. With bi-coastal offices in New York City and San Francisco, the firm designs projects through traditional handicraft and cutting-edge processes.

Structures are imagined in impressionistic watercolors and communicated through sketches; they are also digitally rendered and designed using the latest technologies, including an in-house 3D printer. From these initial designs through construction, the firm focuses on selecting the best materials. Enduring material integrity is a hallmark of the firm’s work.

The company has won many leading design awards. In 2010, The Monacelli Press published the firm’s first monograph, Ike Kligerman Barkley: Houses. A second book with the publisher, The New Shingled House, debuts in October 2015. 

John Ike has been practicing architecture and design in New York City for more than three decades. John travels widely, and his design aesthetic is influenced by the built legacy and regional inflections he sees on these trips, particularly the Italian and Scandinavian precedents.

Thomas A. Kligerman was raised in Connecticut and New Mexico, and spent years in France and England as a student. These experiences sparked his interest in the rich history of domestic architecture, gardens and landscapes.

Born in Chattanooga, Tenn., Joel Barkley is an architect as well as a watercolorist, and brings a painterly approach to the composition of houses and gardens.

For more information, www.ikba.com

Image Credits: Thomas A. Kligerman project in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Photo courtesy of IKBA..