The architects at Jill Neubauer Architects Inc., of Falmouth, Cape Cod, offer personal attention in the creation of sustainable and LEED certified homes, cottages and barns for families of Cape Cod, the Islands, and New England region.

The firm’s projects vary from historic to modern, both in new structures and renovations, incorporating Green Building Design knowledge, energy efficient technologies, non-toxic material selections and sustainable products.

The team works closely with its clients to build effective personal relationships that are maintained throughout the process. “We strive to understand each client’s unique set of goals for their property and family so we may successfully realize them,” says Neubauer.

“These criteria become the driving force of the design process, resulting in the uniqueness of each project. The final image of a building, like every other aspect of it, is the result of our dedication to create the appropriate response to the interests of the owner and the context in which the structure exists.”

JNA collaborates with landscape architects to enrich each project and ensure that the structure complements the environmental uniqueness of the property by focusing on the relationship of space to each special site.

“We consider views and sight lines, sunlight, breezes, and environmental fragility in orienting and designing a structure, and ensure that the entire property is incorporated into the design,” Neubauer adds.

The entire firm is dedicated to “Building Green,” which means striving for energy conservation, environmental sustainability, and incorporation of non-toxic components into design.

As a U.S. Green Building Council member, JNA has access to extensive resources for consultants, and is committed to improving both the home’s environment as well as the earth’s. The firm pursues LEED Certification on new and significantly renovated projects.

“Importantly, we practice sustainability in our office as well,” says Neubauer. “We have incorporated energy audit measures, installing CFLs, light sensors, and storm windows. 

“We use only recycled office products, and stock the kitchen with organic and fair trade goods. All our cleaning products are biodegradable and non-toxic. We also offer a green investment option in our 401K plan.”

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Image Credits: Photo by Charles Mayer.