Keller/Eaton Architects is an award-winning architectural and interior design firm located in Mamaroneck, New York. The office has designed projects in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Nevada and Washington.

Highlights of the firm include:

– Dedication to providing highly personal solutions to client requests, while ensuring that work fits neatly into its historical and physical context.

– Strong innovative design.

– Responsiveness and availability to clients.

– Wide diversity of projects — waterfront homes, large scale residences, small weekend houses, renovations and expansions of houses and apartments, commercial interior design and renovation, and creation of new exterior facades for existing buildings.

– In-house interior design integrated with the architectural philosophy and direction of the project.

– Design work coordinated with project consultants.

Keller Eaton Architects and Dianne Eaton take great pride in being excellent listeners who pay close attention to their clients’ needs and wishes and are personally involved with each project in the office.

Through comprehensive analysis, perception and creativity, they are able to transform those requests into finished products that greatly enhance their clients’ lives.

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Image Credits: Photo courtesy of Keller/Eaton Architects.