Luxury lifestyle publication receives accolades in two categories: Best Shelter Publication and Best Real Estate, Mortgage or Financial Report in a Magazine

June 11, 2010 – The National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) announced the winners of its 60th Annual Journalism Awards at its conference on June 4, 2010, recognizing luxury oceanfront lifestyle publication, Ocean Home magazine, in two categories.

Ocean Home received second place in NAREE’s journalism awards category for Best Shelter Publication. In a comment about Ocean Home magazine, judges said, “Using the most stunning photography of any entry in the contest, this magazine is for those who dream about a life of leisure by the seashore. The articles and photographs suggest many useful ways to improve or design both interior and exterior environments.”

Additionally, Ocean Home contributor Scott Kaufmann received NAREE’s second place award for Best Real Estate, Mortgage or Financial Report in a Magazine (see “Why Dubai is Being Downsized”).  Judges commented on KaufmannÂ’s piece, stating, “A nice mix of information complimented with stunning photography, this story about commercial real estate in Dubai provides an eye-opening reassessment of development in what many consider a paradise.”

NAREEÂ’s Journalism Awards program recognizes excellence in reporting, writing, and editing stories about residential, commercial, and financial real estate and home and design. NAREE’s 60th Annual Journalism Awards featured a near-record number of entries from professional journalists across the country, the group announced, with winners named in 25 categories. All award winners were selected by a panel of expert judges from the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. Professor Patrick S. Washburn, a former news reporter and editor, chaired the panel of jurors.

The following is a full list of category winners:

Category 1: Best Residential Real Estate Report in a Daily Newspaper. Winner: Tim Logan and Kevin Crowe, St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Second Place: Lori Weisberg, San Diego Union-Tribune. Honorable Mention: Bob Hagerty, Wall Street Journal.

Category 2: Best Mortgage or Financial Real Estate Report in a Daily Newspaper. Winner: Mary Shanklin, Orlando Sentinel. Second Place: Lori Weisberg, San Diego Union-Tribune.

Category 3: Best Commercial Real Estate Report in a Daily Newspaper. Winner: Anton Troianovski, Wall Street Journal. Second Place: Kris Hudson, Wall Street Journal.

Category 4: Best Report in a Daily Newspaper under 250,000 Circulation. Winner: Carol Hazard, Richmond Times-Dispatch. Second Place: Josh Brown, The Virginian-Pilot.

Category 5: Best Report in a Weekly Business Newspaper. Winner: Kari Hamanaka, California Real Estate Journal. Second Place: Kim A. O’Connell, Onsite/Washington Business Journal.

Category 6: Best Real Estate, Mortgage or Financial Report in a Magazine. Winner: Lisa Gibbs, Money Magazine. Second Place: Scott Kaufmann, Ocean Home Magazine.

Category 7: Best Trade Magazine Report for the Residential Real Estate, Mortgage/Finance, or Homebuilding/Residential Development Industries. Winner: Matt Power, Green Builder Magazine. Second Place: Jenny Sullivan, Builder Magazine.

Category 8: Best Trade Magazine Report for the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Winner: Les Shaver, Multifamily Executive. Second Place: Rachel Azoff, Multifamily Executive.

Category 9: Best Residential Real Estate or Mortgage/Finance Report or Feature. Winner: John Gittelsohn, Bloomberg News. Second Place: Karen Aho, MSN Real Estate.

Category 10: Best Commercial Real Estate Report. Winner: Daniel Taub and Ari Levy, Bloomberg News. Second Place: Andrew Deichler, News.

Category 11: Best Blog. Winner: lIyce Glink, “Home Equity” Second Place: Tim Bryant and Tim Logan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Category 12: Best Broadcast Report — Online, Radio or Television — Local, Network or Cable Channels. Winner: John Wordock (with Ann Cates), and MarketWatch Radio Network. Second Place: Rebecca Teagarden, Seattle Times.

Category 13: Best Home and Design Feature. Winner: Aisha Sultan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Second Place: Mary Beth Breckenridge, Akron Beacon Journal.

Category 14: Best Column. Winner: Ken Harney, Washington Post Writers Group. Second Place: Lew Sichelman, United Features Syndicate.

Category 15: Best Series. Winner: Kirsten Grind, Puget Sound Business Journal. Second Place: Michael M. Phillips, Wall Street Journal.

Category 16: Best Collection of Work by an Individual. Winner: Lori Weisberg, San Diego Union Tribune. Second Place: Mary Shanklin, Orlando Sentinel. Honorable Mention: Carol Hazard, Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Category 17: Best Newspaper Real Estate or Home Section More Than 250,000 Circulation. Winner: Stacy Downs, Kansas City Star. Second Place: Maryann Haggerty, Elizabeth Razzi, Renae Merle and Dina EIBoghdady, Washington Post.

Category 18: Best Newspaper Real Estate or Home Section Less Than 250,000 Circulation. Winner: Michael Gottlieb, California Real Estate Journal. Second Place: Paul Weideman, Santa Fe New Mexican.

Category 19: Best Shelter Magazine. Winner: Gail Ravgiala, Design New England Magazine. Second Place: Jack Morris, Melissa Gillespie, Ocean Home Magazine.

Category 20: Best Residential Trade Magazine. Winner: Denise Dersin, Builder Magazine. Second Place: Kati O’Keefe, Matt Power, Green Builder Magazine.

Category 21: Best Commercial Trade Magazine. Winner: Matt Valley, Sibley Fleming, Denise Kalette and Jaun Mims, National Real Estate Investor Magazine. Second Place: Bryan Pope, Tierra Grande Magazine.

Category 22: Best Newsletter. Winner: Danielle Douglas, Distressed Assets Investor. Second Place: Daren Blomquist, Foreclosure News Report.

Category 23: Best Website Solely Devoted to Residential or Commercial Real Estate and/or Home Design. Winner: Inman News. Second Place: Jean Dimeo, Katy Tomasulo, Jennifer Goodman, Rick Schwolsky, Shelley Hutchins and Ian Blyth, EcoHome.

Category 24: Best Team Report. Winner: Jeanne Lang Jones and Kirsten Grind, Puget Sound Business Journal. Second Place: Dina EIBoghdady and Dan Keating, Washington Post.

Category 25: Best Investigative Report or Series. Winner: Michael Braga, Chris Davis and Matthew Doig, Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Second Place: Kelly Bennett and Will Carless,

About Ocean Home magazine
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