The luxurious Ocean Reef Club community in Key Largo, Florida, will be hosting their 18th Annual Vintage Weekend from Thursday, November 29th to Sunday, December 2nd.

The legendary Vintage Weekend is known for displaying some of the finest antiques around the globe of all three modes of transportation: yachts, aircraft and automobiles, which are rarely all displayed together in one show.

This is a particularly important year for yacht or history enthusiasts. The presidential yacht of John F. Kennedy has been restored and refurbished by Moores Marine to showcase for this extraordinary weekend.  

Built in 1931, the Lenore was renamed Honey Fitz by Kennedy himself, after his grandfather. The Honey Fitz is a 92’3” motor yacht that the Kennedy family adored, coasting on the Potomac, as well as Newport and Palm Beach. The yacht has served five presidents, and is treated with great care to preserve as a history icon. This presidential sanctuary has been mainly replaced throughout the exterior, while keeping the interior as authentic as possible. The Honey Fitz may be in the spotlight, but it is far from the only prestigious yacht to gaze upon.

Beautifully restored Trumpy Yachts and sport fishing yachts from Rybovich & Sons Boat Works will accompany the elegant display of sea luxury, along with a collection of classic aircraft and automobiles. The four-day weekend will be full of social events to go along with the sophisticated eye candy. These gatherings include a tailgate party, road rally, champagne and ice cream social, fascinating lecture, vintage aircraft aerobatic show, dinner dance and awards presentation. The Ocean Reef Club is exclusive to community members. However, non-members are welcome to attend the Vintage Weekend event.

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