Worried about any damage that Hurricane Earl wreaked on your favorite Caribbean resort — or on the one you just happen to have a reservation for this fall?

As they say, No worries, mon. I surveyed representatives from resorts all across the Caribbean on Tuesday, and here are their reports:

*Biras Creek Resort, BVI: General Manager Rik Blyth says the resort “experienced 60-75 mph winds as a result of Hurricane Earl. We experienced moderate damage to foliage and landscaping, a few cedar shingles were blown from roofs, and some docks are in need of minor repair. Luckily, the resort shuts down each year for about two months to refurbish and freshen things up, so we donÂ’t have guests onsite until we reopen October 20th. We had crews onsite to begin repairs at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, and will be better than new in plenty of time prior to reopening.”

*The Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Spa, St. Thomas: The clean-up effort began Tuesday, and the pool and beach reopened on Wednesday, but the resort is not accepting new arrival reservations until Thursday, September 2nd.

*CuisinArt Resort & Spa, Anguilla: “While CuisinArt — pictured above — was scheduled to close for the season on August 30th, since guest safety was the top priority, all hotel guests were were safely evacuated from the property one day early, on August 29th,” said a spokeswoman. “Other than some minimal landscape damage, we withstood Hurricane Earl without any substantial property damage, and we’re currently taking reservations for when we reopen on October 30th.”

*St. Kitts Marriott Resort: From a spokesperson: “Other than rain and a few fallen branches, the St. Kitts Marriott withstood the storm and there has been no significant damage whatsoever to the property. It’s business as usual at the resort, the sun is shining and all amenities and facilities are available to guests.”

*The Peter Island Resort & Spa, BVI: The resort sustained some wind damage due to Hurricane Earl. “To maintain the highest level of services our guests have come to expect, the resort will be closed for a week to spruce up the property,” says a spokeswoman.

*San Juan Marriott Resort, Puerto Rico: According to a spokeswoman, “I’m happy to report that the storm did not significantly impact operations. There was some heavy rain and light winds, but no damage was sustained and no cleanup efforts needed. The resort remains open and fully operational for guests to enjoy.”

*Finally, from Cindy Clearwater, a wedding and event planner in St. Croix: “Crucians — folks living on St. Croix — are pretty well-versed in hurricane preparation and take warnings very seriously. This weekend, we spent much of our time stocking up on dry and canned goods, bottled water, ice, gassing up vehicles and shuttering or boarding up windows. On Monday, all schools were closed and non-essential government workers were sent home by noon. Most businesses and restaurants closed as well, allowing their employees the opportunity to stay safe off the roads and at home with loved ones. Local radio personalities stayed on-air all day taking calls from local residents and helping to keep everyone informed about the storm. The best part about living in the islands there is always a strong sense of community whenever a storm affects St. Croix.

“We only experienced tropical storm force winds, and thus damage was minimal. There are tree limbs down and electricity is still out in a few areas, but most the cleanup should be completed in a few days. Resorts, restaurants and other businesses are, for the most part, up and running again today.”

And she reports, after Hurricane Earl bypassed St. Croix, residents cranked up The Dixie Chicks’ song “Goodbye Earl.”