Thoughtful and efficient outdoor lighting can transform any ocean home landscape.

When it comes to oceanfront living, Florida-based lighting specialist Coastal Source knows a thing or two. “I was born in the Florida Keys,” says the company’s president Franco D’Ascanio, “which gives us a major advantage. I have more than 35 years’ experience in the world of building and design, and our outdoor lighting products and systems are specifically designed for coastal conditions.”

The right landscape lighting not only adds significant value to a coastal home but also dramatically enhances the way families and friends enjoy their outdoor living spaces. And new innovations are continually changing those landscapes.

“Technical advancements have made custom lighting systems much more cost-effective and accessible than in the past,” says D’Ascanio. “Twenty years ago, it was all high-voltage. Fixtures were large and very expensive.

“Today, major progress has been made with a shift to LED lighting. There is a tremendous range of different colors available from warm candlelight to cooler and more contemporary colors. Really good lights today can last 10 times as long as incandescent. It’s a very exciting time with new possibilities.”

The trend in 2014 is towards more thoughtful and efficient outdoor lighting. “A well-lit residential landscape provides both safety and comfort and enhances dining and entertainment experiences long into the evening,” says D’Ascanio.

Outdoor landscapes require a variety of light fixture sizes, shapes and purposes. Coastal Source not only has an extensive range of cutting-edge products but the in-depth knowledge and expertise to install it correctly. “Two different metals in coastal conditions will suffer from galvanic corrosion, a costly mistake a non-specialist might make,” adds D’Ascanio. “Our fixtures are made completely of brass, including the hardware, so it lasts. We have a deep understanding of harsh coastal conditions and what works best.”

For landscapes, Coastal Source offers Bullet Lights, perfect for highlighting specific areas or plants, and mounts can be used to allow for dramatic down-lighting effects.

Other offerings include Path Lights, Step Lights and Nose Lights to highlight desired areas. For docks and waterfront lighting, Coastal Source offers a Pile Cap in several sizes and versatile finishes in black, white and copper. For underwater effect, a Fish Attracting Light casts a luminous glow in white, blue or green.

“Great outdoor lighting can be customized to highlight the best attributes of your home,” adds D’Ascanio. “It’s an art form. You can hide less attractive areas while focusing on the property’s strengths.”

Image Credits: Bill Rogers.