Angus Mitchell, co-owner of Paul Mitchell Systems, knows a thing or two about beauty—and we aren’t just talking hair.

As co-owner of Paul Mitchell Systems, world-renowned stylist and educator Angus Mitchell keeps a jet-setter’s schedule, traveling between his namesake salons and endless engagements. In between, Mitchell, son of late hair-cutting guru Paul Mitchell, finds time to recharge at his coastal properties in Hawaii, Canada, and Southern California.

You spend a lot of time considering aesthetics. How does that affect how you see your homes?

I see hair through architecture and design; I am sensitive to form and function through structure. I apply the same vision to hair as I do to my homes. My father purchased the land at Lanikai in the ’80s but never lived to see the construction through to completion. I have redesigned and redecorated different elements of the estate to enhance the natural coastal environment. I am currently going through a major renovation that incorporates surprise elements of design that I spent planning out in detail in my head before committing it to a blueprint. Lanikai embodies my deep appreciation for art and localism.

What other properties do you own?

I recently purchased a 2,600-square-foot house on Victoria Beach in Laguna, California. Victoria Beach is known as the birthplace of skimboarding. The house was was built in 2006; it’s a Cape Cod-style home that leads directly onto the beach. Victoria Beach is my Hawaiian paradise in California; I call it “Hawaii nice.” The beaches are impeccable and I can truly relax and connect with the power of the ocean when I am there.

We hear you also have a place in Canada.

I own a 27-acre private island in Canada, with a 6,000-square-foot home. It is a fishing/hunting lodge built in 1902. We rent this home out for weddings, but this island is my rustic getaway. The views of the water from the hiking trails on the island are breathtaking. The water can get as warm as 80 degrees in the summer. It has a floating boathouse that garages the boats, the only transportation to and from the surrounding islands.

You support environmental initiatives. What’s your take on it?

I believe in living life selflessly, not selfishly. On a greater scale, this mantra is pertinent to the preservation of Hawaii’s coastal land. In December 2011, I donated my favorite coastal property in Turtle Bay, Hawaii, to the Nature Conservancy. Together we are committed to protecting the land so that generations to come can appreciate [Hawaii’s] scenic and historical coastline.

The Details

The Paul Mitchell Estate, Lanikai, Hawaii. Bedrooms: 7. Bathrooms: 6 full, 5 half. Special features: Outdoor pool/Jacuzzi, massage/lounge area, and firepit. Land purchased: 1980s. Style: Polynesian.