Two new books, Perspectives on Design New England and Perspectives on Design California have been published by Panache Partners LLC (Brian Carabet and John Shand) this fall. The pictorial publications, which were distributed by IPG, are the newest addition to a hardcover book series that spans the U.S., Canada, and UK. Both books feature over 30 designers who specialize in everything from light features to the perfect rock for a stone wall. Throughout the books, designers give readers insight to their creativity and experiences, along with personal quotes. We had the opportunity to dig a littler deeper and peer into these designers’ minds. We sought out the designers who worked on coastal homes and talked about the differences, challenges, and rewards between building homes on the coast as opposed to in-land.

Anne Thull, the face behind Anne Thull Fine Art Designs, specializes in architecture, functional and fine art products and has been involved in the industry since 1990. Being one of the designers that has had the privilege to work on coastal homes, Anne knows the difficulties when trying to create a masterpiece. Living on the coast requires thought and strategic planning which Anne looks at as “a personal fun game of problem solving.” Finding the right metal to work with can be challenging due to the salty sea-air that deteriorates most working metals. However, luckily for Anne her company uses bespoke bronze products which are not only durable but are practical as well.

Jean Pierre Masbanji is another designer who has been in the industry for 25 years and specializes in authentic hand forged metalwork. He has worked on projects for Jean-Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchell Shampoo and producers Robert Zemeckis and Ivan Reitman.

Similar to Thull, Masbanji noted that the main difference between working with homes in-land opposed to the coast is working with materials that will withstand the elements of a coast home.

“The most challenging aspect is to choose the most suitable metal that will stand up to the harsh coastal environment,” said Masbanji. “Here we have the stainless steel alloys, the copper and nickel alloys. These are excellent for use on exterior installations and they really give us a great palette of various surface finishes, colors and overall look that makes a piece truly stand out. The most rewarding aspect is successfully incorporating these metals into the design of the piece knowing that it will withstand the test of time.”

This test of time is not just for the exterior, designers have to take into consideration materials inside, such as wood and cloth, can be damaged by the air as well.

Glenn Farrell of Y F I Custom Homes is one of the designers in Perspectives on Design New England. When asked about the challenges he faces working on the water Farrell said it perfectly when he stated that:

“The challenge is that you are building a boat that will sit next to the ocean, but not in the ocean.”

To the designers in these new books it all comes down to a science. What will look good and what has to be done to make it last. As seen throughout both books, each designer has mastered the art creating unique pieces that fit their clients’ needs and desires. But what is more impressive is that they create pieces that will last. They do not build houses that will need touching up in five to ten years, they create the Mona LisaÂ’s of the home industry. Pieces of work that when flipping through the pages of Perspectives you can see the time and energy that went into everything. Michael Del Sesto of Hayden Hillsgrove Stone Masonry Inc. probably spoke for every designer when he said:

“The most rewarding thing [about designing] would be the visual beauty we can leave behind after we are done.”

These books capture this beauty.

Both books are available in bookstores everywhere. For more information and a closer look into the books and designers go to or please contact Rosalie Wilson at

Other Images from Designers in Perspectives on Design New England

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Other Images from Designers in Perspectives on Design California

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