A Private Island Hideaway

Pine Cay is a private rustic island community of over 800 acres that remains a refuge of natural beauty in the Turks & Caicos Islands. The homeowners on Pine Cay have, since the early 1970’s, set and retained high standards to protect the indigenous flora & fauna, to limit the size & site of all buildings, and to contribute to the development of the Turks & Caicos Islands in a responsible manner. From the onset, a strong and proactive environmental ethic has been in place among Pine Cay members to preserve the islandÂ’s natural splendor and indigenous vegetation. The limited total membership ensures that the island will forever be uncrowded, with privacy protected for all.036img_9281

The members own the entire 800 acre island of Pine Cay, including the hotel, 2,800 ft airstrip, staff village, covered boat storage and marina. Becoming an owner of property on Pine Cay is much more than buying a Caribbean retreat – it is joining a very exclusive group of like minded families who treasure their natural hideaway.

Buying a property on Pine Cay is a very special privilege, and an exciting dream come true. The privacy is unrivalled as you walk the beaches or cycle the trails. Here indeed is a Caribbean delight, peaceful, beautiful and tranquil. The 800 acres of this private island offer four distinct property zones – north shore beachfront, east end on the channel, southern bank waterfront and interior wooded lots.

The security of your property investment on Pine Cay is grounded in the limited membership, thus assuring long term protection of this pristine natural island, for the property is worth vastly more than the homes. When you walk the sparkling beach along the turquoise shoreline in quiet seclusion, you will realize the true value of this investment. It is important to come and experience Pine Cay for yourself – its charm will astound you.

Homes and lots for sale start at $1,500,000+. Contact Forbes, Forbes & Forbes Ltd. at info@pinecayrealty.com for limited appointments to tour this exclusive Caribbean island. http://www.pinecayrealty.com