Atelier Newport will host the gallery’s first solo exhibition for Bunny Harvey entitled, Place in Mind, which opens October 1st and runs through November 4th. A reception will be held for the artist on October 1st, from 2:00 – 4:00.  The gallery will also host an artist talk on October 15th, with a reception from 2:00 to 4:00.  

Bunny Harvey: Place in Mind (writing in her words) 

For me a painting or drawing of some “place” is, in fact, a reorganization and reinterpretation of the sensory input from various places and experiences over many fragments of time. Sounds, smells, temperature shifts, histories, close visual observations and momentary impressions merge with the act of making marks for its own mysterious pleasure.  Painting is a synthesis of multilayered sensory data with the materials on hand. It is a representation of time-spent thinking without words. 

My work in this show is about the attention and focus painting gives to my accretions of sensory awareness. Painting allows me to create places on the canvas on which I can recall and give form to memories of trees in the wind, frogs at dusk, incessant insect concerts, vague full-body sensations while swimming, smells, sounds, temperature shifts. All are specifically observed or subconsciously lurking. 

The point of painting for me is to create a visual language, a physical representation of some of the most fleeting of human experiences ….an acute multilayered awareness of one’s surroundings, including memories, observations and fleeting impressions……, which cannot exist in words.  Through the language of paint, I search for the places in mind, which excite me and contain the most personally resonant information. For me, there is a longing to be “someplace” which only painting seems to relieve. Therefore, the time it takes to make a painting is in itself an expression of the place realizing its form.


For more information please contact Hannah Penny at or 401.619.0700