One of several very large-scale infrastructure projects which have benefited Playa del Carmen real estate over the past 2 years was the beach-widening project stretching across the downtown area halfway through Playacar. Unlike the other major projects, which were in the areas of highways and roads, this project directly benefited the prime reason why buyers choose to invest in Playa del Carmen beachfront for sale; the beaches.

In early 2010, this project was underway, and residents of Playa del Carmen were eagerly awaiting the final results.

While Playa del Carmen’s beaches were beautiful, wide, soft and white before, certain areas had been slightly eroded by the weather; the project aimed to restore these areas to their original width and more, and generally widen the beachfront through this area for enjoyment of visitors and residents alike.

The project widened the beaches to widths between 40 an 100 meters (approx. 120 – 300 ft.) It also included the installation of various structures in the area below the water’s surface to help retain the sand and prevent future erosion.

While residents who enjoyed owning a Playa del Carmen condo on the beachfront previously will notice the difference significantly, buyers who invest now will only notice that the beaches are very spacious – spacious enough that even with the growing number of tourists in the town, they still look on the emptier side rather than full or crowded. The new beaches are also wide enough to host events like the Riviera Jazz Festival, which brings recognized international jazz musicians to the area every November, and offers 4 nights of high-quality concerts, right on the beach!

All condo owners, whether new or not, will also notice the beauty of the view from their terraces and windows; the wide, white sand, followed by the uniquely turquoise Carribean Sea!

In addition to the comfort and visual which the new beaches bring, the new beaches also indicate the dedication to which the various levels of government dedicate to Playa del Carmen’s lifestyle. As one of Mexico’s leading tourist destinations, all three levels of government cooperate to fund projects such as this one, ensuring that Playa del Carmen’s appeal remains one step ahead.

Cancun, 45 minutes away, likewise received newly widened beaches just before Playa del Carmen.

Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon, has officially declared 2011 Mexico’s “Year of Tourism,” with the goal of focusing all government decisions on keeping up and improving the appeal Mexico’s leading tourist destinations, and developing the appeal of up-and-coming areas.

This focus means that these same destinations will continue to offer a more convenient modern lifestyle while providing the best of beaches, warm weather and close contact with nature. It also means that those looking for a luxury life on the beach will continue to have more options to choose from in the country that best balances low prices, a high quality of life and proximity to home.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely