Heated lounge chairs mean you can laze by the pool on even rare chilly beach days

After a dip in the heated pool, you can keep the chill away with Bradford’s heated lounge chairs. With only 30 minutes to heat to the requested temperature, these lounge seats are essential for the outdoor pool deck and especially useful for the coldest and darkest nights of the season. The heating system keeps the temperature at a toasty 102°F, but a hidden thermostat control can amp the heat up to a steamy 104°F for who love being in the hot seat. (The two options for the internal heat source are 120 or 240 volts.) The chairs give the user a self–indulgent spa experience that can be installed in their own divine domain or summer estate. For music lovers, there are no visible speakers, but this furniture can play music from your iPod with the sensation of the tunes encompassed in the warm seat. Optional features include accent lighting, roomy duet seats for couples, and customized tile patterns. The optional lights under the seats can warm up a deck in bright hues. These chairs require little to no maintenance for a breezy and sumptuous lifestyle. Take a seat, because the heat is rising up around these loungers. Prices vary based on customization and installation.