Irene Aviles, Founder and President of Private Trade Winds, Inc., was asked to share her expertise on trends and projections in the luxury villa rental industry for a network of individuals, which includes the most prominent global luxury brokers nationally and internationally.

A panel of five leading experts in the luxury segment of the travel industry gathered at the 16th Annual Luxury Real Estate Conference at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego, to share their insights on a rapidly growing trend in the travel industry known as Villa Vacations. Piers Brown, Founder of Fractional Life was the moderator, and asked the panel timely and poignant questions.

Irene Aviles, Founder and President of Private Trade Winds brought her company’s philosophy to the table and shared what she calls the hybrid club concept. “Through the years I have bought into almost every type of vacation ownership there is – Fractionals, Timeshares, Destination Clubs, you name it. There were plusses and minuses to each one. I wanted to create a company that embodied the best elements of each concept, and leave the rest behind. I wanted a low-cost alternative to high-priced destination clubs – and in April 2007, out of my own love of travel, and my experience in vacation home ownership, Private Trade Winds was born.”

One of the main topics the panel covered was the need to set industry standards for villa travel in the marketplace; at this time the term ‘villa’ remains undefined. Taking the charge, Private Trade Winds has partnered with The Travel Institute in writing the first Villa Certification Course. The course, titled “Villa Specialist” not only defines villa travel, but also classifies villas as Modern and Classic. Travel Agents who complete the course will become Certified Villa Specialists and receive continuing education credits. Liza Hogan, President at Resort Rating Specialist, also sat on the panel and was in agreement that an industry standard should be established. Ms. Hogan’s Denver based company rates resorts and vacation rental properties.

The Conference speaker, Robert Frank spoke on the role of the high net-worth in the economic boom and bust. Frank writes The Wall Street Journal‘s Wealth Report, a blog focused on the culture and economy of the wealthy. He is also the author of the bestselling book “Richistan” and the newly released “The High Beta Rich.”

Private Trade Winds, Inc., is located in Newport Beach, California and has recently announced a 96% client satisfaction rate in their first five years of business. In addition to being a villa supplier with over 400 villas in their portfolio, the company also offers a managed Trade Program for vacation homeowners. Private Trade Winds markets directly to the traveler, and enjoys partnering with Travel Agents, Real Estate Agents and Developers. For more information please call Judy Sweetland at 866-789-4589 Ext. 804 or email