Private Trade Winds, Inc. Announces the Unveiling of a Series of Classic Luxury Villas in France and Italy

As the company celebrates its Five Year Anniversary, new luxury villas along with highly sought after destinations will be released over the next several weeks, offering clients a fresh portfolio when traveling abroad. At the company’s benchmark anniversary a decision was made by Irene Aviles, Founder and President of Private Trade Winds to revitalize their portfolio by offering new villa product in the most sought after destinations, beginning with France and Italy.

“Each villa has its own story to tell, which makes every trip to Europe authentic and unique,” said Aviles. “Although the previous villas we represented were top-notch, we realized that in order to keep a vacation experience exciting and new, we would need to present a variety of options.” This week Private Trade Winds unveils two new villas in Italy; a dramatic 9,000 square foot 7-bedroom estate on Lake Como complete with boat and captain, as well as a classic 6-bedroom villa in the countryside of Tuscany with an optional 3-bedroom annex. Each villa is vetted to the highest standards, and boasts the Five-Star service and amenities the company has become known for.

Private Trade Winds is eager to reveal additional villas over the coming weeks, and promises to announce new regions within France and Italy, as well. Private Trade Winds is located in Newport Beach, California and is an innovator in the Travel Industry, positioned as the low cost alternative to high priced destination clubs. With a global portfolio of villas, both Classic and Modern, discerning travelers have embraced the ‘hybrid club concept’ and are traveling more frequently due to substantial savings and exceptional personal service. The company continues to grow in membership, and are credited within the travel industry as defining villa travel for both travel agents as well as consumers.

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