Stylish as only the French can be, Sifas, the French manufacturer of high-quality and contemporary in-outdoor furniture for pool decks, patios and yachts, wants you to be comfy (or with traditional Gallic flair “Komfy” as well), with its stylish new range featuring modular components that allows you to create your own customized lounge spaces.

The collection has only five structural parts (two sizes of seating, armrests and interchangeable backrests, and aluminum or stainless steel legs). The pieces can be presented both as a linear settee or a classic armchair, as well as a lounge corner suite to which you can add a bench seat, chaise longue, or fashionable méridienne (a short sofa of the French Empire period with one arm higher than the other).

Designed by French designer Éric Carrère, the Komfy Collection is also versatile, durable and eco-friendly.

“Komfy is the culmination of more than 30 years’ designing modern, contemporary and luxury furniture for poolside seating, patios, gardens and yachts, for the ‘in?out’ lifestyle,” says Joost Jansen, General Manager Sifas USA. “Its modular design gives designers and users the ability to create customized lounge and seating areas with a minimum of components.”

In addition to its modular, contemporary design, Komfy features soldered, stainless steel or aluminum, electro-polished tubular feet for stability, and acrylic sponge-like fabric material for a luxurious, intimate touch.

All of the fabrics are UV and water treated for outdoor use, and all production techniques and components are chosen for minimal impact on the environment. The collection is offered in several colors and finishes including Sifas’ popular new floral pattern.