Your bathroom is one of the spaces in your home that has incredible potential. This is because when it comes to decor and design, most of us don’t spend as much time focusing on our bathrooms as we do the rest of our homes. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Our bathrooms should be just as beautiful as the rest of our homes, maybe even more so.


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Thanks to luxe spas and fancy hotel rooms, today, having a stunning bathroom is a must for anyone who wants a home to be proud of. If your bathroom isn’t quite as nice as you would like it to be, there’s no need to stress as updating it is much easier than you would think. Believe it or not, creating a fantastic spa-style retreat doesn’t have to be stressful.


To help you add a few touches to your bathroom that will add luxury and give the space that smart, stylish feel, we’ve put together a few design ideas. These should help you to design and create a beautiful bathroom retreat to be proud of.


Stick to neutrals

To be a relaxing retreat, your bathroom should be free from bright, bold colors. There’s nothing calming about colors that stand out, so steering clear of them is best. Ask any interior designer how to create a bathroom retreat and the first thing they’ll suggest is sticking to neutrals for the main decor. This is because there’s something about neutral tones that helps to create a sense of tranquility. If you do opt to add color, your best option is to stick to natural, earthy tones.


Be choosy about the main features

For a space that’s relaxing and luxurious, it’s important to be choosy about the features. This means that when it comes to selecting the toilet, shower, and bathtub, it’s important to take your time. The best designs for a spa-like space are simple, clean cut pieces with a sense of glamor to them. For instance, instead of going for a normal bathtub, opt for a claw-footed design.


One feature your bathroom cannot be without is a vanity. Not only do these add style, but are also fantastic for storage. If there’s one think a bathroom retreat can’t be, it’s cluttered. That’s why having adequate storage, like a sizeable vanity, is crucial. To find out more about your vanity design options, check out this modern vanity store and have a browse.


Add style with accessories

If you’re an interior design lover, you’ll know that it’s the accessories that bring a space together. That’s why when it comes to selecting accessories, it’s so important to get them right. Make sure to stick to the color scheme that you’ve chosen, to ensure that design of the space doesn’t clash.


If you want to add a little color to your bathroom, pastel-hued pieces are best. Moss green, duck egg blue, and earth red are the best colors to use. There’s something about earthy colors that work well in relaxing spaces, so these are best to use.


There you have it, a guide to transforming your bathroom into a beautifully luxurious retreat.