Coastal regions are the perfect place to display your love for that unique sense of freedom experienced in the presence of the ocean’s infinity. Luxury comes in different shapes, sizes and colors, but the luxury of creating the perfect home by the ocean implies more than just carefully selected furniture and furnishings.




Choosing a surf-inspired theme for your ocean side home

A theme can create that customized story that defines your life. Seeing that coastal homes are best suited to display a beach-inspired theme, I will guide you through setting up an interior design inspired by surf – one of the most challenging sports that conquered many hearts.

Surf has inspired many designs throughout the world, from buildings to furniture, in a constant effort to help those in love with this water sport stay connected to their true passion. Decorative surfboards are one of the easiest ways to keep your home as close to the waves as possible. You might have seen many interiors featuring these long, smooth planks, but there are plenty of other creative ways to turn your home into a collection of interiors reminiscent of this bold lifestyle.






Orbiting around this inspirational source, many decorations can recreate the feeling given by a powerful wave in motion, but displaying actual surfing boards is probably the most provocative way of constantly reminding you and your guests about this magnificent pass-time.

Surfboard-reminiscent furniture as decor

Take for example the Surf-ace Table and Bench by Duffy London – a set of functional furniture made of balsa wood surfboards bended to shape these luxurious pieces. Hand-made using wood and veneer from controlled sources, this splendidly simple yet fascinating collection is one of the pricey ways to adorn your surf-inspired oceanfront property.



Even the exterior spaces connecting your home to the beach can become a display of surf-inspired outdoor furniture, like Royal Botania’s  Wave/Surf lounge. Collaborating to shape a relaxing lounge design, Erik Nyberg, Gustav Ström and Kris Van Puyvelde managed to recreate the feeling of a hammock/parasol combination that shields your body from too much sun and lulls it into a deeply relaxing state.




Not only furniture, but whole buildings have been created to honor this exciting surf-movement. Maybe you heard about the Museum of Ocean and Surf (Cité de l’Océan et du Surf) in France – a contemporary wave-inspired building spreading over more than 50,000 square feet. Imagined by Steven Holl Architects and Solange Fabiao as an ode to the sea and sky above, the large exhibition space provokes the mind with its dynamic curved surfaces and floor plan inspired by the surrounding beach landscape. Its sinuous shapes can inspire you to create a stunning set of details when building your dream home – just remember anything is possible when you have a passion. Surf-inspired modern lifestyle for relaxed living.