A truly top-shelf spirit reveals itself in a number of ways. Some are luscious and full-bodied with a viscosity that produces a long, lingering finish. Others deliver a robust depth of flavor, one that introduces subtle new tastes and aromas with each sip. Clase Azul tequilas stand out among premier agave-based spirits for their ability to do both.

Clase Azul Plata ($66.99), for example, is remarkably smooth for an unaged tequila, delivering bright herbaceous agave notes with a mouthfeel normally reserved for tequilas that have spent considerable time maturing and mellowing in oak. 

Tequila aficionados who prefer hints of agave married with rich sweetness—a result achieved only through patient maturation in seasoned barrels—will want to seek out a bottle of Clase Azul Ultra ($1,699). This decadent extra añejo tequila wraps hints of pepper and agave in layers of caramel, vanilla, and a distinct sweetness reflective of its five-year maturation in ex-sherry casks.

Yet, Clase Azul’s most exclusive and luxurious tequila can be found only in the 15 bottles that make up the brand’s México a Través del Tiempo boxed set ($450,000). This ultimate tequila collection showcases the handiwork of Mexico’s most esteemed artists, and all proceeds from its sale benefit the Clase Azul Foundation, a nonprofit that supports the country’s various artisans.

The set’s bottles (and their boxes), which can be purchased individually for $30,000, reflect the history of Mexico, including stories and legends from the country’s indigenous cultures. They also spotlight four Mexican Designation of Origin items: amber (including fossilized pieces), olinalá (a lacquered wood), talavera (an ancient pottery), and—not surprisingly—tequila.

As for the liquid held inside those bottles, it is a rare blend of two ultra-aged tequilas—one spent 15 years aging in a Spanish sherry cask, while the second matured for six years in a port cask followed by another five years in American white oak barrels. Perhaps best of all, the bottles are sold with three refills of the precious tequila they carry, so owners can sip, savor, and repeat.

www.mexicoatravesdeltiempo.com, www.claseazul.com