For actress, model, and blogger Camille Anderson, itÂ’s the little moments in life that are the best

Most people know Camille Anderson from her roles in Wedding Crashers, Las Vegas, and Fitness Host. More recently, she has taken her healthy living and divine nursery decorating tips from to for her original web series, Mommy Chic with Camille. But those who know Anderson well know that the Texas nativeÂ’s favorite activity is cooking and entertaining for her loved ones and friends at her Manhattan Beach, California, home.

What drew your family to this home? We knew that we wanted to be conveniently located to the amenities that Manhattan Beach has to offer. With a baby, itÂ’s nice to be able to stroll around town and run errands, meet friends for lunch, or exercise, all without having to get in my car. We also wanted to walk out our front door and be at the beach. The beach is now our front yard.

WhatÂ’s the best part of living by the ocean? You can choose to be low key and have a quiet day at the beach, or you can partake in the activities of the town and the social scene. ItÂ’s also a healthy way to live. People are always outside biking, running, roller blading, or paddle boarding. Living at the beach lends itself to an active lifestyle.

WhatÂ’s your favorite room in the house? My favorite room in the house is the master bedroom. I have great views of the ocean, as well as vaulted ceilings and a fireplace. I used a large four-poster Marge Carson bed to give the room a masculine, strong feeling. ItÂ’s a very cozy room, great for curling up in bed! I incorporated shades of gold and dark green, which maintains a warm, inviting mood.

How does your home’s design help you enjoy its oceanfront setting? My home is a perfect combination of being family friendly and entertaining friendly. I love sharing my home with friends and enjoying the social aspects of the beach. The game room downstairs allows me to keep the entertaining separate from the family quarters—especially the nursery!

With the homeÂ’s spectactular setting, you must entertain here a great deal. We love to have friends over and barbeque. ThereÂ’s nothing like branzino, a glass of wine, and some laughs around the patio table. We have patio furniture on all three balconies, to encourage outdoor living.

What is your recipe for a perfect beach day? My recipe for a perfect beach day is a combination of time at the beach with family during the day and an outdoor dinner at the beach by night. My one-year-old daughter loves the ocean and the sand. Every time we venture to the beach, she runs straight to the water. She loves to watch the water rush up over her feet and to squish the sand between her toes. ItÂ’s the little moments in life that are the best.