Condominium shopping can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to look around a bunch of prospective places, take in the gorgeous buildings, and feel inspired by different decor option, you’re also looking for your dream home. Although you might know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to the style of condo you need, there are other things you need to consider. In addition to a good location, ample indoor and outdoor space, and the view of your dreams, you might also want to have a bunch of super chic amenities.


Fitness Suite

Topping a lot of people’s wish list will be a gym. Most condo complexes are making sure to include fitness facilities these days. People are definitely more conscious of their health now more than ever before, so it’s become a huge must. If you love to work out and want to benefit from having a gym mere moments away, add a fitness suite to your list of must-have amenities.


A Cafe

This one will definitely boost your living experience. If you can’t live without your morning coffee fix and you want to be able to grab a cup on your way out of the door, look for condominium buildings that have coffee bars or a cafe. You can sometimes even find that places have a Starbucks right inside – meaning you no longer have to make a detour or head to the drive through.


Social Space

Some buildings are really meeting residents every need. When you’re dream condominium building covers off your social needs, you know you’re in heaven. Picking out condos is often a tough task, but when you’re looking at luxury communities, like these, you know that you’re getting every space you need to fit your lifestyle.


A Pool

Because who doesn’t want a pool in their condominium? When you live in a sunny climate, you can often dream of taking a dip after work. Or, if you’re an avid swimmer as a part of your fitness routine, you’re definitely going to want this at the top of your list.


24 Hour Concierge

Then there’s also those kinds of amenities that make your life easier, as well as more enjoyable. So many places offer a reception area and doorman, but what you really want is a 24-hour concierge. Not only will you always get any messages that are left for you, but your packages will always be kept safely, and you may even get the odd errand run for you too.


Private Parking

And finally, there’s also parking to think about. This is often something that’s super important, but easy to forget. When you drive everywhere, you’re going to want to make sure that you have somewhere to keep your car. However, you should also think about the kind of parking that you want. You may find that a space out front just doesn’t feel right, so you might want to look for complexes that offer secure basement parking or even a valet service.