In some cases, when it comes to finding that dream property, what’s outside can matter more than what’s inside. A room with a view can dramatically increase value and demand. Here are some of the most sought after vistas when it comes to buying property.


Sightseeing in the City

For those that work in the city, owning a view of the skyline from a tiny apartment can means more than owning a large house. The demand for apartments overlooking landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Palace of Westminster and the Eiffel Tower is huge. Such properties are also not cheap. A Madison Square apartment can fetch several million dollars alone. City rivers and parks are also extremely popular views, particularly those with rooftop terraces. Many realtors specialize in city apartments that provide impressive views.



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Can You Sea It?

The tiniest slither of a sea view can boost a property’s value by up to 80%. All around the world sea views are sought after, particularly harbor views and estuaries. There are specialist realtors that focus on coastal properties across the world. Where are the most expensive sea views in the U.S.? Some properties in Tahiti Beach in Florida are thought to be valued at twenty five million dollars. Malibu’s La Villa Contenta meanwhile has been valued at $54 million dollars.



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A Hilltop View

Even a slight hill can double a property’s value. This applies to inland hilltop vistas too, of which there are many impressive examples in the US. Several real estate agencies offer land for sale in NC, giving buyers views of the Appalachian Mountains. The Rocky Mountains are also popular for those wanting a mountain view. Such homes can be suited for those wanting to live more naturally in a rustic setting and are popular retirement retreats. For a more urban hilltop experience, the Hollywood hills still remain one of the more luxurious locations offering expansive views of LA.



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The Sports Spectator

Many annual events and festivals can have an effect on property demand, especially if they offer views of the event. This applies to many sports events around the world – one specific example being the Monaco Grand Prix. Here the apartments not only provide sea views from a height, they also provide the perfect aerial view of the formula one race. Some owners of these apartments will rent them out for thousands over the weekend. Views of the Singapore grand prix, the Isle of Man TT and Olympic events have also inspired many people to rent out their homes for similarly high rates.