The Garia is the world’s first and only luxury golf and leisure car.

Inspired by cars, this privately owned Danish company combines the convenience of a golf and leisure car with the experience of exquisite luxury. It is available in street legal, non-street legal, and four-person models. As the first manufacturer to bring a luxury version of the golf car to market, challenging the current conventions in terms of quality, luxury and design, Garia has introduced the Garia Golf Car and the street legal Garia LSV and Monaco. All models are available in a 2+2 model with seating capacity for four people.

All Garia vehicles are built from the highest quality components with a technical layout radically different from conventional golf carts. It is the first of its kind, with superb car-like handling, stability and performance, and unique luxury features such as a 45 degree golf bag holder. In recognition of the fact that golf carts currently known on the market are very similar in terms of quality and design, Garia set out to create a quality and luxury alternative to the traditional golf cart. A feat that was acknowledged by the RED DOT Honorable mention award Garia received in 2011. For all of these reasons the Garia has earned its right to be called a ‘car’ rather than a ‘cart’.

The Garia is more than just a pretty face. Behind its beautiful design lies a new architectural layout of all components which gives the driver a much better driving position than offered by other golf carts. The motor and transmission have been rotated and the wheelbase is larger than in traditional carts providing more leg and headroom, while the Garia still meets external measurements predefined by golf courses. The pedals are positioned in a way that gives the driver a more ergonomically comfortable position. Also made possible by the rotated motor is an innovative position of the golf bag holders providing extra easy access to clubs and golf bags as well as extra storage space under the front bonnet.

Unlike traditional golf carts, the Garia was designed to also be street legal. This is why the Garia features a double wishbone front suspension in cast aluminum with upright coilovers – like found in high end sports cars. This setup provides unparalleled handling and stability and keeps the tires on the ground at all times to secure maximum grip. 

US Model Street Legal Garia US Model Street Legal Garia

The overall construction with the wheels in each corner offers a longer wheelbase than found in traditional golf carts, making rides over bumps and ridges more comfortable and reducing pitch as there is no overhanging weight. Additionally the direction stability makes the car more relaxing to drive. For maximum stopping power the Garia features brakes on all four wheels, discs at the front, and drums in the rear. Featuring a uniquely programmed controller with several advanced functions, The Garia ensuring that the driver gets a comfortable and intuitive driving experience:

  • Hill –holder function: The hill-holder function prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards when setting off on a slope. When pressing the accelerator pedal, the vehicle simply takes off. Thanks to this function there is no danger of rolling backwards in case too little power is applied.
  • Automatic parking brake: The automatic parking brake engages when the vehicle is at a standstill. Upon arrival at your destination, simply use the foot brake to bring the vehicle to a standstill and leave the car. The Garia will engage the parking brake by itself. A symbol lights up in the cluster to indicate that the parking brake is engaged.
  • Hill-descent control: The Garia features regenerative braking when coasting, e.g. when going downhill. This helps to recharge the batteries, give a longer range and maintain the speed you signal with the throttle input. It gives you full control over the vehicle even when going down a steep hill.

The design of the Garia is inspired by the world’s most famous and prestigious supercars. From the factory’s tools to the components, Garia’s design team has been uncompromising in their vision to create the best and most luxurious golf car and street legal vehicle in the world. The Garia follows the renowned Scandinavian tradition of clear-cut and classic lines combined with functionality. Based on extensive usability research, the Garia features new and innovative solutions that make it the only one of its kind. In addition to extra storage space under the front bonnet, behind the seats and in the dashboard, the Garia also has a wide range of other convenient features such as an air scoop, extra large cup holders, and a built-in refrigerator.

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