What’s the difference between a luxury home and a conventional home? Well, in the past, a luxury home was one that had lots of decorations, high ceilings and paintings on the wall. But over the years, the definition of a luxury home has changed significantly. Now it’s all about convenience and open living. Luxury home buyers want their homes to meld with technology, producing something that is truly fit for the 21st century.  Check out the following things that luxury homebuyers must have in 2017.


Open Floor Plans For Character



Open floor plans have become more and more popular as the culture changes. People don’t see places like the kitchen and the dining room as formal, separate areas anymore. They see them as all coming together to provide a living space where everybody can interact freely. Long gone are the days when servants cooked in the kitchen out of sight and brought food to the dinner table in some dedicated dining room. According to a survey done by Coldwell Banker, open plan spaces are now the number one criteria cited by luxury home buyers when considering a luxury home.


Modern And Worry Free



People always say that they want a home with “character.” But luxury home buyers also want to live somewhere that is worry free. They don’t want to have to think about that foundation crack or replacing the roof: they want somewhere that is good to go from the get-go and can cater to all their needs while they focus on their work. Old houses quickly lose their appeal when buyers realize that they’re going to have to live in a caravan for six months while all the issues are resolved. As such, true luxury houses have either already had a makeover, or are so new and modern and unusual that buyers quickly forget all about so-called character.


Outdoor Living Spaces: Kitchens And Pools

The idea of outdoor living spaces has really taken off since 2010, and not more and more people are experiencing the utility of having an extra place to go, especially in the summer. As a result, the entire industry has taken off to a degree that nobody expected it would. There are now dozens of companies innovating in the space, looking for ways to bring the inside to the outdoors in a way that is safe and convenient for homeowners.


Outdoor kitchens now frequently come with built-in gas grills, sinks, prep areas, fridges and lots of storage. Outdoor sitting areas are being transformed by new materials like rattan. Pools are also making a comeback, all thanks to the fact that it’s easier than ever to live outside. This al fresco flair is certainly now becoming a part of high living.


Spa Bathroom



Spas used to be something you could only get at the salon. But more and more people are including that spa feel in their homes. This includes things like head to toe shower jets, radiant heat warmers and large bathtubs that allow owners to escape from all the stresses of their day job.