It’s that time of year again, the time when you are planning your annual vacation with family or friends, and you are looking for something that all of your group will enjoy. You need to take advantage of that precious time you have to spend quality moments with those closest to you – it seems harder and harder each year to do.

You are looking for something unique, something special, something that your family or friends will remember as the best vacation they have ever had. You’ve done the big cruise ship vacation, and it was exciting and fun, but crowded – you hate waiting in lines. You’ve been to the all-inclusive island resort, too, but your group was bored after four days of the same activities and view, day after day.

You are looking for the next great “wow” experience…

Consider taking your family or group of friends on a private yachting vacation. It’s an experience unlike any other, that vacation of a lifetime you are looking for.

But what is it that makes a yachting holiday so different to the other luxury holidays you may have taken?

A private yacht holiday gives you the shiver of excitement and exhilarating experiences that make us happy to be alive. You make all of the decisions.

Want to change your cruising route during the trip to make sure you see that deserted island no one knows about? Sure you can.

How about dropping anchor on a whim to jump in the water with a school of dolphins? The captain and crew are only too happy to oblige.

What about dining alfresco on a little island with five-star food and seven-star service from the chef and crew? That can easily be arranged, too.

Want a five-star chef to create a culinary experience for you with your favorite dishes? Tell your yacht chef what you want—whether it’s a Thai feast, a fancy French affair or a laid-back barbeque on the beach—they’re there to make you happy, and the more you tell them, the happier everyone will be. 

From the food to the sights to exploring off the beaten path with only you and your guests, a yacht holiday puts you in the driver’s seat. Life on a yacht is whatever you want it to be—adventurous or calm, glamorous or laid back.

It’s quiet day of swimming and reading on a deck chair.

It’s going for an afternoon sleep in your deliciously cool cabin, climbing under silk-soft sheets and watching the reflections of the water play across the ceiling from the porthole.

It’s jumping off the bow into deep water off Monte Carlo and dancing on deck under the Caribbean moon.

It’s a post jet ski massage on the aft deck or a glass of chilled champagne in your private Jacuzzi on board.

It’s a movie night with the kids or taking the kayak out from the middle of the Caribbean Sea with nothing around you but blue skies and crystal clear waters.


Holidays should be the removal of worries.

At OceanScape Yachts, this starts before you even step on board, where we can help you turn yacht envy into your own exclusive superyacht holiday.

The OceanScape Yachts vacation club is your complete guide to the whole luxury yachting experience, from where to go, what to do, what to pack, and all of the other planning details that can take a lot of time and effort – time that you don’t have.

Don’t think you can afford it? OceanScape Yachts is here to help with that–a yachting vacation can be the same price as other travel options you have considered in the past for your group. Join the OceanScape vacation club where they are committed to saving you money on your yachting vacation.

How about other costs: fuel, food, tipping, where to go and when? OceanScape’s dedicated Member Ambassadors guide you through the whole process, and help ensure that all you have to worry about is having a good time.

Finally, the vacation club provides an ideal forum for members – other people just like you – to share ideas of the best things to do at each destination and on each yacht, taking away the stress of the unknown from your vacation planning needs.

Are you ready to discover more about the wonderful experiences that you can enjoy on a yachting vacation? Would you like someone to help guide you through the process?

Visit today at to try out Oceanscape’s membership. Bronze member access is FREE and available to you now, to help get those vacation plans started.

And isn’t that how a holiday should be? You work hard day in and day out, you want to be rewarded with a holiday that doesn’t have you swapping the rat race of the city for the rat race of a large cruise ship or a big resort.

Come aboard and start planning your vacation, your way!