When we’ve outgrown our homes and it’s time to move, most of us have very high expectations when we’re browsing for potential new properties. Chances are you have a ‘wishlist’ of features you want your new house to have, which makes it easy to automatically reject properties at a glance if they don’t match up. The problem comes when you realize you’re rejecting every property, and you’ve nit-picked so much about the finer details that absolutely nothing meets your standards. In no way should you compromise when you’re looking for your dream home, however, it is important to be flexible and have a little vision.  

So the property doesn’t have an incredibly fitted kitchen or your ideal amount of bathrooms, ask yourself, is this something you could compromise on for now, and change yourself later down the line? Don’t forget, finding your dream house that looks exactly how you want, in the perfect location, and right within your budget is going to take a lot of searching. However, when it comes to moving house, there are some things you should stand absolutely firmly on and that should be total deal breakers. Here are just a few of them.


The Right Area

You can make changes to the house, but you can’t change the area. Compromise here, and you will come to regret it later down the line. Of course finding something with plenty of amenities and a low crime rate is essential, it’s not just that you need to be thinking of. Is it too busy, or too quiet for your liking? Does it have good transport links, what are the schools like in the area? Sites like www.manausa.com allow you to search homes based on school zones making it easy to find somewhere in the right catchment areas. You might be wowed by an awesome house, but do plenty of research into the area. Visit at different times of day; does it get very noisy or busy around rush hour or when children come out of school, or is there noisy public transport or other sounds you can hear at certain times? As well as a great house, the area has to be absolutely right when it comes to buying a home.


A Decent Sized Outdoor Living Space

If you’ve found the perfect house, but the garden isn’t quite what you wanted, it’s tempting to simply overlook it. However, if the garden isn’t right, again it’s something you will come to regret later down the line. Do you like hosting garden parties and barbecues for friends and family? Do you enjoy having a space for children and pets to run and play, or a sunny spot to read a book with a glass of wine at the weekends? A very small garden will limit you to what you can do. While you can extend the house, you’re stuck with the size of the garden you have. As http://www.daviesandway.com suggests, you can get creative with a smaller sized yard by experimenting with seating, pots and color, however you need to make sure you’re happy with the size before signing on the dotted line.


Up To Date Plumbing and Electrics

Unless you plan on doing a complete renovation and ripping out everything, ensure the plumbing and wiring is all up to date and usable. These are extremely expensive to replace and put right, the last thing you need is to move in and realize you have an enormous and expensive job on your hands. Older wiring might still work, but if you want to have an extension built or start changing features in the home, you will soon realize that it needs to be upgraded to handle it. Check when it was last rewired and ensure the asking price reflects the work that needs to be done- if you’re prepared to undertake it that is.